Is Minecraft Really Just a Game?

Is Minecraft Really Just a Game?

As a young student, I love games, especially one called Minecraft. Every time I hop on to this, so-called, game, my parents think I’m wasting my time, or am I?

Minecraft has some amazing ways to help children learn about many things, such as improving teamwork skills, creating amazing contraptions and implementing ideas in their very own world. After all of these reasons, my parents still don’t get it. I guess my parents are not different from other parents when it comes to Minecraft. So to make them understand that Minecraft is not just a game, I did some research and found some interesting points that are in the favor of many children who play Minecraft.

Minecraft is a sandbox game where anyone can create anything from his or her wildest dreams. Here is an example of the product that was made in Minecraft by the students of Coffs Harbour Public School in New South Wales. This shows how someone’s imagination can be implemented into the real world.

Minecraft is also a way to work and communicate with other players. By simply hosting a LAN (Local Area Network) server, one player can invite others to work together in many different scenarios. Through this process, players can improve their ability to work as a team, which applies in the real world.

Another reason to play Minecraft is to expand imagination. Lets take narratives for an example; players can gain amazing ideas from playing Minecraft because it simply lets everyone’s imagination to be free. If your imagination is free, you will easily be able to write better narratives with much more creativity and clarity.

Minecraft also allows players to get a rough understanding of what architects do in reality. I remember ‘Good Game Spawn Point’, a TV show, interviewing an architect about Minecraft and how Minecraft helps him for real life buildings. He mentioned how Minecraft is a wonderful game and recommended it to all children who want to explore their imagination.

Minecraft gives us an engineering mind with redstone wiring, similar to real life wires, to make awesome and genius contraptions. Such contraptions can consist of sliding doors, monumental clocks, and traffic light systems.

I have watched a video on Pender County School in North Carolina, USA where teachers allowed students to use Minecraft to complete their school project:

Through Minecraft, these students shared their creations with other students and teachers. The students were doing their schoolwork while having fun and interacting with teachers.

I believe the information that I have provided here supports my claim that playing Minecraft is not a waste of time, as well as the fact that parents have overlooked the benefits of playing Minecraft.

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