The Bucket List: 15 Must-Do things in Bangladesh before you turn 30 !!!

The Bucket List: 15 Must-Do things in Bangladesh before you turn 30 !!!

If you are a Bangladeshi youth, you may have missed some of the most wonderful things-to-do here because of the stereotypical mindset and mostly, lack of information. It is not quite uncommon, thanks (?!) to the socio-economic reality of our country. The popular myths among the general Bangladeshi people are like – Traveling costs too much; it is not for me; I won’t survive in the wilderness; I am happy with my life; So why ghuraghuri !!!

Well, from the great prophets to philosophers to global leaders to social change makers, everyone had spent a considerable time of their life in traveling, roaming around the earth. Nobody in the world can teach you better than the world, the Nature itself. Just make a decision, take the step and you will be the part of the nature! Like Gandalf the Grey once said to Bilbo Baggins – ‘Home is now behind you, the World is ahead’!

Caution: Be friendly with everyone and everything while traveling, especially to the Nature and environment. Leave no trace except your footprints, return with nothing but memories and photographs.

Here is my Bucket list for Bangladesh, and I believe every Bangladeshi youth should explore at least something of those before starting the busy life of professional struggles………. However, these are nothing but my random thoughts, so read and act on your own risk 😉 :p

Clarification: By terming the heading as ‘Before 30‘, I meant the physical strength (and mental too) and capacity for average Bangladeshi people, because some of the activities described below require heavy physical strain and courage. But if you are over 40-50 years of age and still up for those adventures, you are my inspiration !!!!

1. Quest for the Fountain of Youth: Nafakum, Amiakum & beyond……

Enough said already !! These glamorous falls in the rocky Bandarban and other hilly districts will quench the thirst of your heart, that’s for sure!! Try at least any one of those…..


Amiakum Falls – the most beautiful waterfall of Bangladesh. Photo Tourist Mun


Nafakum Falls, Thanchi, Bandarban. Photo M Rohool Kaiser

Fountain of Youth

Lung-Pher-Bha Saitar, Silopi Para, Bandarban. Photo Fahim Hasan


Khoiyachhora Falls at Mirershorai, Chittagong. Photo Durbar Faisal


Sohosrodhara Falls at Shitakunda, Chittagong. Photo Fahim Hasan


Tlublong Falls (Double falls), Bandarban. Photo Ruhul Sumon

Best time to go – All seasons (Especially Rainy Seasons, it will be risky but worthy)

Lowest possible cost – BDT 4500 (Approx)


2. Touch the Sky: A Trek to Bangla Mountains

Mountains in Bangladesh? Well, theoretically anything exceeding the height of 1000 Meters or 3,300 feet can roughly be called a Mountain. We have got a number of such mountains in Bangladesh. Try at least one from Saka Haflong (3,488 feet), Dumlong (3,312 feet), Mowdok Mual (3,353 feet), Keyokradong (3172 feet) or Tajindong (2856 feet). You will never forget this trek; the soft and moist touches of the clouds and the breathtaking view from the top will make you speechless.


Run to the Hills !!! Photo Hasan Mahmud Tipu


Far over the Misty Mountains Cold !!! Photo Samir Mallik


Unforgettable evening on top of the hills in Bandarban. Photo Shyikh Mahdi


It may not be understood from the photo, but we were literally walking through Clouds. Photo Nazmul Hasan


The breathtaking view from the top. Photo Tanim Ashraf

Best time to go – All seasons except Rainy Season. Winter is Best.

Lowest possible cost – BDT 2300 (I did)


3. On Stranger Tides: A visit to Cox’s Bazar

Nothing more to say about it, everyone knows well. The longest beach of this planet should bear your footprint as well !!!


Cox’s Bazar, the Longest Sea Beach of the World. Photo: Courtesy


A glimpse of the largest Bay of the World from hilltop. Photo: Courtesy

Kutubdia Emdad Tushar

Kutubdia Island Beach with the Wind Mills. Photo: Emdad Tushar

Best time to go – All seasons.

Lowest possible cost – BDT 2000 (I did)


4. The Under ‘Water’ World: Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at the Saint Martin’s Island

The culture of scuba diving and snorkeling is fairly new. The only institutional support is available at the Saint Martin’s. You must know to swim before exploring the underwater. I haven’t been their yet, but I know, the only coral island have Bangladesh have much more to offer in its underworld than over board for sure.


Corals underwater. Photo Fazlay Rabby

Saint MArtin Underwater

Corals Underwater !!! Photo Sharif Sarwar (Save our Sea)

Best time to go – All seasons except Rainy Season.

Lowest possible cost – BDT 5000 (Approx)


5. A Sneak Peek to the Tiger’s Den: The Sundarbans

Nothing more to say about it too, everyone knows well. The largest Mangrove forest of this planet should bear your footprint as well!! Look out for the spotted dears, crocodiles, birds, snakes and if you’re lucky, then you know who !!!


Dear Deers !! Photo Shamsul Alam


Looking for a Royal Bengal Tiger, may be ?? Photo: Courtesy

Best time to go – All seasons except Rainy Season.

Lowest possible cost – BDT 5000 (Approx)


6. The Green Serenity: A Long walk in the Tea Gardens, Sylhet

Just walk through the tiny trails between the hillocks and the flash of greenery around you. The tea gardens of Sylhet will blow your mind. You can also find rubber gardens around you.


Tea Gardens at Sylhet. Photo Shyikh Mahdi


A glimpse on roadside….. Goyainghat, Sylhet. Photo: Fahim Hossain

Best time to go – All seasons.

Lowest possible cost – BDT 1500 (I did)


7. The Oceanic Rush: Bike riding at the Marine Drive Rode. Teknaf

Riding the bike with the largest bay of the world by my side? It’s just a matter of feeling of the outer world. If you have a bike, grab it and just go! I haven’t been there yet, but will do soon.


The bike riding with the sea !!! Photo Fazlay Rabby


Resting at the shore. Photo Rakib Hasnayeen

Best time to go – All seasons.

Lowest possible cost – BDT 3500 (Approx)


8. The Biriyani Trek: Hustling around the Old Dhaka

Can’t afford to go outside the city because of busy schedule and everything? Well, this 400 years old boy has also a lot of offerings for you. And the best of them all, a day trip for Biriyani in Old Dhaka! Try the dishes as much as you can, and then explore the history at Lalbagh Fort, Ahsan Manjil; but a simple walk in the bustling tiny roads will be the thing that you’d remember for long. Always keep your eyes open, sometimes you may need to shut your nose :p


Good old Hajir Biriyani – The Grand !!! Photo: Courtesy


Nanna Miyar Morog Polao (Chicken Biriyani) !!! Photo: Saffat Bokul

Best time to go – All seasons.

Lowest possible cost – BDT 150


9. A Boat journey between the Rocks and Misty Mountains: Sangu

This will be a journey of a lifetime. Start from Ruma or Thanchi, head for Tindu or Remakri through the misty mountains and the giant rocks. The scenery will blow your mind away. And in case you want more, a bamboo rafting in the mystic lagoons in Bandarban will make you speechless.


From Tindu to Remakri. Photo Living with Forests


Bamboo Rafting at Mathbarakhum, Bandarban. Photo Shamim Shahadat


Rafting between the Rocks, Saatbhaikhum, Bandarban Photo Rajib Hasan

Best time to go – All seasons except Rainy Season.

Lowest possible cost – BDT 4000 (Approx)


10. Into the Caves: Alutila, Kudum and Ali’s Cave

There are a few natural caves in Bangladesh. The famous Alutila at Khagrachhari, the Ali’s cave at Bandarban and finally, the great Kudum Guha at Teknaf…. try any one of those. You may consider the last one as a Bat cave, though there are many other wild Bat caves in deeper Bandarban. And if lucky (or unlucky?) you might meet some pythons at Kudum Guha as well!


Alikodom Cave, Alikadam, Bandarban. Photo Amit Sen Gupta


The great Kudum Guha, Teknaf Game Reserve. Photo Javed Hakim


The Nature’s dungeon !!! (Inside Alutila Cave, Khagrachhari) Photo: Flickr


A 21st Century caveman in Alutila, Khagrachhari !! Photo Nazmul Hasan

Best time to go – All seasons except Rainy Season. Winter is Best.

Lowest possible cost – BDT 1800 (I did)


11. The Whale Hunter – A visit to the Swatch of No Grounds

The Bay of Bengal is the largest bay of the world, and this Swatch of No Ground is the deepest part of it. Therefore, it has become the playground for large whales and Ganges bottlenose Dolphins (Irabati Dolphins). A brave and patient effort can make you successful to meet them and say Hello !!


Dolphins playing in the sea !! Photo The Guide Tours


The Blue Whale at Bay of Bengal !!! Photo The Guide Tours


A Whale tilting in the Bay !!! Photo The Daily Star

Best time to go – All seasons except Rainy Season.

Lowest possible cost – BDT 5000 (Approx)


12. Call of the Wild – A Day Hike in the Eastern Rainforests

Just a walk and nothing more. Get out and explore any of the Eastern forests – Lawachhora, Saatchhori, Rema Kalenga, Rajkandi or any other…… all of them offer almost the same view, and that is just sublime.


Trail begins at Saatchhori National Park. Photo Shyikh Mahdi

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