Shahbag Movement: It's important for us to remain united

Shahbag Movement: It's important for us to remain united

I was not born when 1952 language movement took place, I was not born when 1969 uprising took place, I was not born when 1971 war of independence took place that gave birth of a new nation named BANGLADESH. I was only a teenager in 1990 when there was movement for the restoration of democracy in Bangladesh. I took part in the processions that were passing by my residence time to time and was really thrilled about the whole thing. I never participated or worked for any political team actively but always followed their activities and seen how our politicians became subject of fun and being hated by mass people over the years. They always gave us hope, played with our emotions and their only aim was how they can come to the power and misuse it without bothering about us, the mass people.

I think most of you are like me. We know about all these but as all of us were thinking individually and not collectively, we couldn’t shake any inch till February 05 2013. And then the day came. February 05 2013 was such a day that made it happen. Few bloggers, few online activists, few young guys thought in a different way. Me and you showed our frustration on facebook and tea table but they thought in a different way. They started gathering at Shahbag square. 1, 2, 5 guys became 100, then 1000 and then 1 lac and more. Individual force turned into collective force, people from all over the country kept coming in Dhaka Shahbag square. Soon there were hundreds of shahbag squares all over the country and they all roared with slogans and slogans. What did they want? Why did they come? They wanted capital punishment for the WAR CRIMINALS. It’s nothing related to politics, nothing related to religion. It’s related to our country, our motherland. The traitors who helped pakistani military, the traitors who didn’t want this Bangladesh to be borne – and still after 41 years of liberation, they are unpunished. Shahbag movement became the movement of aam-jonota. Everyone became united for one cause, which is, capital punishment for all the WAR CRIMINALS.

February 15 2013. Ahmed Rajib Haider, one of the bloggers and activists, got killed. This made a division among the protesters as he was an atheist. And then there were lots of other interesting things came up as those were clearly fake propogandas by the anti-protesters. I found one photo of shabag movement where they used photoshop and added some girl with ugly clothes. They wanted to establish that sexual amusement and activities are going on at Shahbag. I found another video shared by some poeple and that shows some addicted guys are talking about the movement. They wanted to prove that all the people in Shahbag are these kinds of people and shahbag movement is nothing but gathering of all the addicted poeple.

First of all, I will request those guys to at least go to Shahbag atleast for 1 hour. People from all corners of the country are there. Poeple from different religions, different colors, different age groups, different professions are there. Yes, may be some addicted guys are also there, but they are part of our population, right? We have muslims, we have buddist, we have hindus, we have christians, we have athiest – they all belong to Bangladesh. We have browns, we have whites, we have blacks – they all belong to Bangladesh. We have majority good people and few not-so-good people and very few bad people in our society and we all know that. What’s wrong if those not-so-good people also participate in this good cause? We should rather welcome them instead of being confused regarding what should we do. Personally, I also didn’t like the blogs and write ups that were written by Rajib Haider. He didn’t respect the religion that is being loved by most of the poeple in Bangladesh. But let’s not mix this issue with the issue that we’re being united for. Rajib was one of the protesters and he was one of us who got killed. You can’t kill a person just for the difference of opinion, can you?

It’s really important for us to remain united, it’s really is. WAR CRIMINALS are traitors, they deserve punishment, no matter which political team they belong to. There should not be any IF or BUT or WHY or WHAT or UMM or AHH. Our Nation has raised it’s VOICE. With our Collective effort, we can do anything. Let’s not be divided at this point of time. Let’s remain united. Let’s keep on FIGHTING till we get the DESIRED RESULT.

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