A 9 year old boy's perception – Politics is a bad habit for Bangladesh

A 9 year old boy's perception – Politics is a bad habit for Bangladesh

I am a child from Bangladesh. Before I came to Australia, I have lived and passed within my country Bangladesh which has had a bad political culture: hartal. Due to hartal, I was unable to go to school for many days. My mum said the roads are not safe when there is hartal. I have to stay at home as a prisoner. There is also a government who argues with national parties putting aside national interests. They never think why the countrymen can’t live in peace. Why can’t this country be a safe place to live? Why this country have to have war with their own people: WHY? Why this countrymen are destroying their motherland that we had independence from Pakistan through a civil war. Why they forget that the countrymen who had sacrificed their life to save their motherland and wanted peace. Who won the civil war against Pakistan? Who won this country? It’s the Bangali of Bangladesh. So, why we cannot live together in peace.

It’s our mother land. Why let the politicians destroying your own country? Are you doing this because of politics? You should dedicate yourself protecting your country and citizens. Not destroying it. Why can’t this countrymen be safe on roads, alley ways, quiet street and busy footpaths. Honourable Prime minster can you ask other countries diplomats how do live in their country. Someone who does politics and who do not tell their national parties not to hold hartal is not good. Hartal is called mayhem. STOP THIS MAYHEM, BECAUSE THIS COUNTRY IS GOING TO SINK BY CARBON DIXOSIDE.

You people are killing your motherland. If you build more buildings, then poor people would lose their homes. Poor people should get free food, free cloths, and free education. They should get free medicine and transport service, homes and furniture. And stop cutting trees to make homes because the more trees you cut the less oxygen. And animals are losing their habitats. In many parts of the world, people are dying for food but they don’t have money. Their children are forced to work risking their future.

To compare Bangladesh and Australia, I would say that Australia is safer. The Australian takes care of their environment and their people. They take care of their children. Bangladesh is not safe for children, not environment caring, and political. This country has high levels of carbon dioxide and people on roads. These people are risking their lives for food. YOU HAVE TO STOP BULIDING HOUSE BECAUSE IT DOES NOT MATTER WHO HAS THE MOST POPULARITY in countries we make our own popularity. Stop cutting trees from Sundarbon and send it to China for paper. Why don’t you keep the country how it is, make it how it used to be before the war?

Why live with carbon dioxide when we can live with nature and why let India kill our native royal Bengal tiger making power plant in Sundarbon, It’s not called royal Hindi or Indian tiger. India can do anything to the tiger. It’s not there animal, it’s ours. Hey, India why killing people who are farmers of Bangladesh when they are next to the border of Bangladesh. Children have rights to do anything, don’t underestimate the power of children rights. Poor people what do you think you are doing right thing sending your children to work on the roads of Dhaka, risking there lives for money when you just rest and work and cook while your children are risking their live just for money. I cannot forgive you politicians if you destroy our nation and Sundarbon. Do you even care for the environment, just having hartal anytime any where huh. What do you think of yourselves Awesome, cool, good, average or very bad? What too scared to answer because you just got owned by child who is in Standard 4?

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  1. Kibbles
    Kibbles 27 April, 2017, 01:51

    Good on you boy, it is your future self.

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