If I become a war hero…

If I become a war hero…

Watching a Bangladesh independence film, I was awestruck with how a speech could change a nation. If I become a war hero, this would be my persuasive speech for my people.

“My brothers and sisters…

I stand in front of you with a heavy heart; the heart of my many lost brothers and sisters. I stand in front of you to respond to your cries of our freedom, our rights, and, most of all, our mother land. Right now, the streets we once considered our neighborhoods are being stained with blood – the blood of my brothers and sisters, and of the enemies. The enemies’ blood I will rid of but the blood of my brother and sisters will remain forever.


Your cries are more than just shedding tears. Why? Because they have mourned me for years – I constantly told myself “I must do something!” Eventually, I had a dream; the dream of my brothers and sisters being free. For many months after that, I planned a pre-emptive strike on the enemy to regain our mother land. I secretly consulted with the leaders of Russia, Australia, America, and many other countries to help put this plan into work. They agreed! Now we have troops coming in from those countries as I speak. When those troopers will land on our beaches, you, my brothers and sisters, will lead these troopers into our bases and treat them like one of ours. Then, we will get our country back! There is no hope for the enemy!


Blood is more than just liquid plasma. Blood holds the dear lives of my many lost brothers and sisters. And, unlike the enemy blood, their blood will hold onto the Earth for uncountable years. They have sacrificed their lives for what they believe in – our rights, our freedoms and our mother land. The acts of bravery by my brothers and sisters will never, and I mean NEVER, be forgotten of. They will be remembered like the Gods! This is why, now, we are to have a moment of silence to remember our brothers and sisters. Anyone who dare brings pain to my lost brothers and sisters may as well turn themselves in to the enemies and be beaten to death and never, and I mean NEVER, be remembered of.

Our mother land!

This land is not just a land, it’s our mother land. Now do any of you, brothers and sisters, know what the difference between a mother land and a plain land is? I am pretty sure many of you know the answer to that question; but the rest of you don’t. Our mother land is our birth land, where you, my brothers and sisters, were born. Our mother land is our mother, here to help us through difficulties. Now tell me, brothers and sisters, would you let your mother be taken away from you? Of course not! Not now, not ever!

My brothers and sisters!

We have been through, almost, 20 years of slavery. Through those 20 years, my brothers have been driven to madness and my sisters have been beaten to death. Many times, many of my brothers and sisters revolted but lost. How can we blame them? Now, I call upon my lost brothers and sisters to help us defeat the enemy! Open up the locked gates and let us march through to make history – the history of our win!”

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