Humayun Ahmed: An obituary note

Humayun Ahmed: An obituary note

Narrative of the Post-liberated Bangladesh

The war of liberation and the national liberation brought about the breakdown of the power of middle-class values. In the new situation, the middle class adjusted itself to have a passage to higher wealthy and powerful class of Bangladesh. There was a renewed zeal to avail themselves of the fruits of independence. In the literary narratives the change of atmosphere was quite remarkable. Not many creative writers could contain this great rollover of our time. Humayun Ahmed stands out to be the writer who brought the reality in his fiction. He has developed a craft in his ever increasing corpus of novels which is essentially his own. The novels were written on surrealistic terms in pre-liberated Bangladesh. In the content, Humayun has become more and more concerned with social reality. Most of his novels were written about the contemporary society. The decay of moral values in the society, human frustration, merriment and festivity became the subject matter.

The society I meant here is not only the urban middle-class one, but the subalterns as well. It is the reality of all classes that has been largely depicted in the novels.

His legacy lives on with the genre of fiction that he has created with craft and thematic structure.

Now, he has left us for his journey to an “undiscovered country from which no traveler returns”. Wonder, what would be his craft and subject matter if he returns and write for us again!

May Allah accept you in heaven, my brother!

– An obituary note from Dr Khairul H Chowdhury

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