Welcome Julia Gillard: We Want Change

Welcome Julia Gillard: We Want Change

It is matter of great pleasure that she has been elected the Prime Minister of Australia making history. Although, there are criticisms from opposition and Kevin Rudd’s quarter, nevertheless, Julia Gillard changed the history of Australian politics. Congratulations to Australian politicians.

We the people of Bangladesh are familiar with female leadership since 1986 in the parliament and from 1981 in politics. In both occasions our beloved PM Sheikh Hasina played a significant role. On the other hand, Begum Khaleda Zia was elected the first female PM in Bangladesh. We are much more familiar with the leadership of Indra Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi for many years. Although, it was predicted but in the USA Hilary Clinton has failed to attract her voters and American mind. We are also familiar with Margaret Thatcher’s leadership.

People want changes. So, they voted Obama, Rudd, and Sheikh Hasina. Labor leaders voted Julia Gillard for change. She has to work out plan for next election. Can she draw attention of voters within this short period of time is a big question when the election is due in Oct-Nov 2010. But it is not impossible. If she can adopt and implement right policies for the welfare of Australian public.

May be my readers are eager to know my view. Yes, I have some suggestions for Julia Gillard. She must solve some problems immediately. First, she should scrap the mining tax policy and start to talk with concerned people for a new tax policy for mining. Then she can negotiate a better policy for mining. Second, she should focus on education. Australian universities and other tertiary educational institutions are dependent on international students. She should take measure so that more students can come. She can take a policy that allows students to come Australia if they can demonstrate one year fund available for their studies.

There are problems with housing. She must encourage people to build more houses so that growing demand can be met. There are problems in public transport. People want more bus, trams and trains. If she can do that immediately then people may think positively and should not worry about increased migration.

She should also increase foreign income. So, she should not take policies that increase tensions in Islamic world. For example, sanction against Iran has pose threat to business. The bill produce in the parliament of NSW in relation to veil has posed another threat to Australian economy. After 9/11 Muslims are considering Australia as safe destination for living. They have increased their investment in Australia leaving aside the USA market. To address terrorism threat she should take measures so that Muslims become more integrated with Australian culture and politics. If her government tolerate anti-migration and anti-Muslim activities then, it would be very hard to develop Australian economy. Conservative policy-makers must consider that Australia’s neighbors who live on other side of the pacific are mostly Muslim nations. A friendship relationship with them can enrich Australia. Congratulations to Julia Gillard. We the expatriate Bangladeshi assure you that we are beside you.

Author: Farid Ahmed, Justice and Good Governance Researcher.

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