Bulbul Ahmed performance reaches the final act

Bulbul Ahmed performance reaches the final act

After four decades of performance Bulbul Ahmed accomplished his final journey to “the undiscovered country from whose bourns no traveller returns” and which is extremely puzzling not only for Shakespeare’s Hamlet but to all humans.

Bulbul will remain visible in contemporary performing arena of Bangladesh and illuminate the artistic mind and mannerism for many days to come.

His performance technique contained three currents of bangle-acting: (a) Calcutta-based Uttom Kumar style acting; (b) Dhaka-based Television dramatic technique and (c) his late-initiation to acting and mannerism in Dhakaia film.

Much acclaimed hero of tele-plays – Idiot, Borof Ghola Nodhi; Shongshopthok, and Ei Shov dinrathri established him with a distinct style of his own. He remained a Tele-hero to the spectators of the 1970s and the 1980s.

In essence, the theatre-critics would agree about Bulbul’s groundbreaking contribution in materialising the 1970s theatrical revolution in Bangladesh.

On the other hand, he was successful in combining the Debdas-type romantic hero image of Calcutta filmdom with the thickly layered acting pattern of Dhakaia film.

Critics would agree that Bulbul made the acculturation of Anton Chekov’s Idiot possible in the seventies. Equally, the inner pains and sufferings of the protagonist of Borof Ghola Nodhi could only be externalised by none other than him.

Many of the high-profile filmy figures could not attain the feats that Bulbul did in his performance of the following films: সূর্যকন্যা, সিমানা পেরিয়ে, রূপালি সৈকতে, মোহনা, জীবন নিয়ে জুয়া, রাজলক্ষ্মী শ্রীকানত্ম, ভালো মানুষ, শেষ উত্তর, দেবদাস, মহানায়ক, হারানো মানিক, কলমীলতা, এখনই সময়, দি ফাদার, লাভ ইন আমেরিকা, নওজোয়ান, ঘর সংসার, সোনার হরিণ, স্মৃতি তুমি বেদনা, ওয়াদা, শহর থেকে দূরে, বধূ বিদায়, অঙ্গার, অচেনা অতিথি, সোহাগ, পুরস্কার, অপমান, শুভদা, সময় কথা বলে, জন্ম থেকে জ্বলছি.

His work in more than two hundred films will keep him alive in the performing arts of Bangladesh. The artistic sophistication that he offered would remain glowing in the acting arena for many years. An artistic personality lives through their creativity and performance!

Dr Khairul Chowdhury Minto: the 17th July 2010

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