Bangladesh Politics: All evil guided BDRs ! Hunt them!! Hang them!!!

Bangladesh Politics:  All evil guided BDRs ! Hunt them!! Hang them!!!

There is no excuse why these evil guided BDRs. will not be hunted and given due punishment. They have not only killed extremely precious Army personnel’s but also has done short , intermediate and long term damage to the national interests of Bangladesh.

They have devastated families, disrupted discipline in security forces and contributed enormous damages in the morality of the Army.

An army officer is not only a trained personnel for war but millions of dollars is also spend to train and prepare them to provide various ongoing national service, security and protection.

In a way these evil people have done damages to Bangladesh national interest as such that there might be rare examples in the history of World.

There are also collaborators and they are still at large. They are providing hypothesis of various kinds .Identify them! and expose these hypocrites people to all.

There is weak element in the ruling party specially the inexperience young ministers who don’t know how to speech in this sensitive crucial moments –they were giving political speech at BDR’s gate at the time of incidence – they should be removed.

On the other hand the opposition party is hopeless, shows no statesmanship.

Dr Shaikh Wahab
Canberra ,March 18 , 2000.

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