Begum Zia: Are You Missing the Last Train for Democracy?

Begum Zia: Are You Missing the Last Train for Democracy?

Dear Begum Zia, I stood up against the unethical minus activities that took place against you and Shaikh Hasina because both of you were beside us during the democratic movement against Ershad’s illegal occupation of power during 1982-90. We hoped that both of you shall give us prosperity and security. Ironically, both of you has shared power with the culprit like Ershad. We do not want to remember that episode of our politics. I personally cannot respect the Military Dictator and President, Zia that much as other can do. But I much admire his role for the independence of Bangladesh. I also argue that you deserve much credit than Zia for nation building activities although you made so many mistakes as the Prime Minister. Therefore, I protested through my e-mail to many people and article published in Priyo Australia that both of you should receive due respect from the nation and if both of you have had done any mistake then that should treated according to law of the state. At the same time, Dhaka University also stands against the minus formula and military dictatorship. I congratulated them. The people of Bangladesh gave verdict on 22nd August 2007. They said NO MORE MILITRAY RULE IN BNAGLADESH. They said that there is no reason to dump all of you in another state. I advocated such policy because we must solve our problem. Bangabandhu, the father of the nation, suffered jail sentences for about 12 years without any sin. So, I believe that both of you have had the courage to face any trail and jail.

We the people of Bangladesh made it possible that both of you are now free from jail. We forced the government to declare an election date assuming that both of you can give birth a better and healthy democratic atmosphere for the development of Bangladesh that shall inspire all of our future generations for next thousand years. Bangladesh shall be a model in the world that they respect human right the best.

It is unfortunate that by being guided by some bad politicians you are delaying the journey for democracy. And I believe that you and your party are going to miss the last train. As I conveyed you before that ‘we must stop somewhere’. Obama is now President elect although Hilary challenged him the most. So, it is right time to stop challenging democratic process in Bangladesh. Please participate in the election, stop bargaining and be the real Desh Netri. My view is that DO NOT MISS THE LAST TRAIN. Please note that it is Shaikh Hasina who helped you get release from the jail whether you believe it or not. So, do not disregard her innocent love for you. She loves all of us because she is the daughter of the Father of the Nation. Let her to be the next Prime Minister of Bangladesh by participating in the election to be held on 18th December. Please note that opportunity knocks once. You may never get a chance to repay that you have got from the citizens of Bangladesh and especially the Bangabandhu family.

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