Bangladesh Politics : When Time entered in the tunnel

Bangladesh Politics : When Time entered in the tunnel

It was clearly visible to the people of Bangladesh the failure of the above two top leaders prior to 1 /11 as they failed to exhibit statesmanship and which end in so-called “ Derailed Train” situation.

Since 1/11 the two most influential leaders were under pressure by the new “Caretaker Government” headed by Dr Fakhruddin Ahmed. Here one has to remember precisely that Bangladesh Army has been the backbone of the new Caretaker government. Both top leaders will not be able avoid their share of the responsibility for the emergence of the new Govt.

The Army back Govt. has made up their mind pretty soon and wanted to outs the above two leaders along with groups of politicians who have alleged charge of corruption. They held more than two hundreds of Ex-Politicians, Ex-MPs, Ex-Ministers and Businessmen related to these politicians who are the persons of the inner circles of the above two leaders. Under emergency rules the court cases proceed faster and some of them have already had their verdict and sentenced to jail by court while others waiting for the process to complete.

One of the initial strategy of the Army backed Govt. was to send both top leaders to Foreign countries to alleviate pressure and then force the political parties to reform and finally held a democratic election and form a govt who will have no major influence from the above two leaders. It is possible that they probably wanting to have a week coalition Govt in power so that in future unquestionable authority to rule the country will never reappear and hence the Army backed Govt will be able to exit safe and remain non controversial.

This wasn’t easy. One of the Top leader though was bit flexible but the other one took a firm stand against leaving country. The outcome is numbers of corruption allegations were filed against both of them and they ended up in detention including their close family members who are also allegedly involved into massive corruption.

In this context the existing free leaders and supporters of the above leader are trying to adopt some form of strategies and attempting release them. What they possibly perceive that once these two leaders will be released everything will be all right and able to manoeuvre the situation and crisis, as their political carrier is also questionable. However these leaders and supporters are unable to provide enough convincing evidence, facts or logics in front of the nation that what will change or what positive effect will be on Bangladesh if these two leaders is released and allow back continuing to do politics ignoring the corruption charge against them.

Instead these leaders are threatening unrest and mass movements against Caretaker Government with a view that the Army back Govt will retreat and release the two leaders. It is not clear whether these leaders realize that the Army backed Govt. may change to aggressive mode and may lead to extension of Emergency leading to detention of remaining politicians even an Army Marshall law (like Thailand) is not an unthinkable and which will be justified as the responsibility will be laid on to above political leaders for their possible irresponsible behaviour.

The option for the top leaders to go to Abroad may still be a strategy. Both top leaders could use these option strategically as they can go behind the scene temporarily (which they are now any way) and let the election happen and it is possible that they may return once Political Government (even their own party) is in Power under some kind of arrangement .By that way returning to politics for these two leader may be more dignifying.

However If anyone has strong opinion that both of them has not done any thing wrong, all charges are baseless and they should return to their routine activities as soon as possible will obviously have different opinions and solutions.

Which is better? Only to be unfold in future.

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