Bangladesh Politics: This picture has message for Hasina and Khaleda and their supporters.

Bangladesh Politics: This picture has message for Hasina and Khaleda and their supporters.

Barack Obama and John McCain, the President contenders of USA are rivals at the moment ,they are competeting each other in all the way vigorously, crudely, shrewdly relentlessly every moment except this day – 9/11.

The above two men gathered and showed their consolidarity regarding the common reasons of USA . When comes the interest of the nation this is how it should be! despite both of them are now engaged in the most expensive and exhaustive exercise to be elected as a President of the country. That day they have only one stream to flow.

The message is in the civilized world when comes the interest of nationalism and or Patriotism both the oppositions and the rulings hold back their differences, they are then humble, gentle and respectful and do not hesitate to stand side by side .

Unfortunate Bangladesh! The two top leader has very different opinions in every issues (obviously that is expected and possibly natural ) but the problem is that what ever they have idolised or philosophised is perceived to be only correct and true by themselves and by their followers, according to them – that is final and all others have to accept their beliefs and understandings. There is no room for differences of opinions.

In the last several years people watched them manoeuvring Bangladesh power politics, none of them has shown any capability of flexibility or has capacity to accommodate different opinions.

One most likely cause might be that “Flexibility” or “Accommodating different opinion” is considered as a weakness in personality in Bangladesh. (I am happy to be proven wrong) If not believed by general population but obviously by the leaders and their followers.

However the ability to live with others in Bangladesh who have different opinions is inevitable as because there is no other place to go but one will do every thing possible to shutter the opponents/ holder of different views.
They will initiate physical, social or legal proceedings and harassments even assaults to show them how wrong they are contradicting and not obliging with their views, therefore it could be very grievous consequences for the oppositions at times.

This practise has been exercised by both the leaders and opposition in their terms of ascending and during their regime. Sadly supporters of the above two leaders are even dangerous. They will even not tolerate them socially, culturally and will probably have theory of annihilations. As a result a significant percentage of these activists of these parties loss their time, energy, excellencies and motivations.

The out come is –we are not moving on, Bangladesh dawdling behind in every aspect in comparison to other nations in the world while with given manpower, intelligence and adoptability we mean to be far ahead by this time.

If one change both leaders and their supporters is going to accept very first I will advocate that to accept an agreed attitude that from now on we will all accommodate difference of opinions in our domestic psycho-socio-political arena but we will remain solid and unified with national interest.

Canberra, September 2008.

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