Bangladesh Politics: One Eleven – The Movie – Watch free now! Pay later!!

Bangladesh Politics: One Eleven – The Movie – Watch free now! Pay later!!

Bangladesh has observed a relatively historical event on 1/11. It is a famous number or word now in the history of Bangladesh.

It has exposed and impacted the Psycho-Social-Political-Culture and Ethical positions of Bangladeshi People, Politicians mainly, some Businessmen, high level Govt Officials and so called Intellectuals as most of them were directly or indirectly involve or were affected.

In a rare odd comparation with 1 / 11 events I like to describe it as “One Eleven” the traditional movie as it has much resemblance with past and ongoing popular movies usually produced in Indian Subcontinent (Bollywood etc.). It has all the elements in it which the middle class or lower middle class population like to watch in a Cinema Hall or Movie Theatre or at home in a TV Drama serial.

The movie “One Eleven” started with declarations of Emergency rules in a country amongst the chaotic situation .Army with machine guns begun patrolling in the streets, sand bag bunkers gave a fierce and terrifying look to the whole picture.

Soon further actions begun. “Combined force “commenced chasing convicted criminals, Criminals started fled the country, “Combined force” runs operation to arrest convicted corrupted Political leaders. Media covering the actions and broadcasting live actions and news of these events,

People are tense as if some thing might happen anytime; this high trilling feelings was vibrating among the populations, these impacts continued till the middle of the
Film -I should say till intermission.

The “Movie “completely took different course and dimensions after the half time. As like popular Indian / Bengali film formula the eye of the movie is now focused towards the Court.

Again it was daily court attendance by above people, people and journalists are opinionated. Popular beliefs and opinions were circulating in the news media; demands of innocence and release from charges were raised more pronouncedly, Judge refusing bails versus Judges allowing bails – hot topics everywhere.

In comes medical illness, in come Doctors and Hospitals, in come emotions.

Finally Bail granted by the Judges, All released.

Ruling Govt. is happy, Convicted leaders are happy, People? are happy.
It’s a win win situation.

The Director and Producer of “One Eleven” are amazed by their success and goes to China/ USA to celebrate their success.

The movie was free for public to watch ; they don’t have to pay for it because it was prepaid by approved loan by World Bank etc.

Only the amount of national debt has increased. Our next generation has to repay them some day.


Canberra, September 2008.

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