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Tajuddin is a role model for all Bangladeshi patriots

Shimin Hussain Rimi, daughter of the Late Tajuddin Ahmed, first Prime minister of Bangladesh, came to Canberra last Sunday to speak in the ongoing series titled Itihash Kotha Koy – History Speaks. The initiative was born out of concern over

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Into Bindi’s World by Ahmed Imran

Bindi Irwin, the 8 year-old daughter of Steve Irwin, emerged as a star worldwide after the sad demise of her father. Steve, a devoted family man and Aussie icon ‘The Crocodile Hunter’, died last September while doing something he always

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We salute our Martyred Intellectuals

Today is the day to remember our martyred-intellectuals who were picked up and killed by Razakars Al-Shams and Al-Badar at the dawn of our Independence, the time when we were marching towards Dhaka for the final victory of our National

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Enamul Karim Nirjhar's Movie Aha!

Enamul Karim Nirjhar’s Aha! pits old-fashioned values against modern-day racketeers in the story of Malik, an old man living in a mansion in Dhaka that is coveted by real estate dealers. When Malik’s daughter returns from the US, the plot

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Political Culture, Political Parties and the Democratic Transition in Bangladesh

The fate of democracy in Bangladesh is of global interest because success of democracy here would provide a model for democratic transition in Muslim-majority countries in the age of terrorism. In 1991 Bangladesh embarked upon a new journey towards democracy.

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Dramatist, Novelist Journalist Anisul Huq visits Canberra

When many amongst us were longing for a qualitative change in our audio-visual entertainment arena almost clogged with low-quality, cheap & sex-themed plays & movies, Anisul Huq brought in a breather of fresh air through his captivating drama-serials the like

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