Concept and use of dual-use cars in reducing traffic congestion in Dhaka city of Bangladesh

by Priyo Australia | March 6, 2010 12:10 am

The narrow and mostly unplanned roads of Dhaka city have generated a special type of transport problem. Huge number of private cars jam the roads at the pick hours and their number is increasing at the rate of about 130 cars per day. In solving this problems various experts suggested solutions like, (a) Metro or underground rail, (b) Monorail, (c) Elevated expressway, (d) Fly over, (e) Increase of large-bodied public transport, (f) Removal of old cars, (g) Imposing restriction on car ownership, (h) Introducing school bus, (i) Decentralization etc. A careful analysis may reveal that
01. Proposal (a), (b) and (c) are extremely costly and do not have any quality to solve the present problem, which is jamming due to cars.
02. Proposal (d) may solve the problem of jam at some locations by transferring the same to another location. However, it does not solve jamming of roads. Also in Dhaka there is scarcity of suitable land to construct flyovers.
03. Proposal (e) cannot reduce the number of cars, but can only increase the total number of vehicles.
04. Proposal (f) and (g) are absurd and fruitless talks.
05. Proposal (i) can help in reducing jam near the schools and can contribute nothing more.
06. Proposal (i) is an excellent solution for solving car-jamming. But those having knowledge about Bangladesh and the way its government work know well that the government would not be able to materialize it.

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