Hasina to target poverty as prime task

by Priyo Australia | December 31, 2008 2:36 am

Awami League President Sheikh Hasina today termed poverty as the prime enemy of the country and assured people that the grand alliance will fight hard to get rid of the obstacle.

“Our lone enemy is poverty and we will work hard to eradicate poverty from the country,” flanked by AL Election Steering Committee Co-chairman HT Imam and party veteran leader Zillur Rahman said Hasina at a press conference.

She gave her first public reaction after securing 262 seats in Monday’s ninth parliamentary election at a press conference at Bangladesh-China Friendship Conference Centre today.

In her nearly 15 minutes briefing started from at around 12noon, the prime minister-elect also said the first task of her government will be to bring down prices of the essentials within the reach of the common people.

She also urged all parties to work together forgetting all divisions for the betterment of the country stressing the role of the opposition in future governance.

“We will ensure a role and participation of the opposition in parliament and governance,” promised the Awami League chief.

She pledged that they would allot the position of deputy speaker and proportionately chairmanship of the standing committee in parliament to the opposition.

“We want to avoid destructive politics and present a new political culture to the nation,” Hasina said.

In her speech, she also expressed her gratitude to all saying, “I congratulate all those who took part in the elections, including those who won or lost irrespective of political affiliations.”

She also termed her win, a victory of good-governance upon corruption, crime and terrorism.

Her scheduled meet with journalists at the Jatiya Press Club yesterday was postponed for reasons unexplained.

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