Celebrating the month of victory – and a note for Barrister Rafiqul Haque

by Priyo Australia | December 3, 2007 8:16 am

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ব্যারিস্টার রফিকুল হক বর্তমানে বিএনপি চেয়ারপারসন বেগম খালেদা জিয়া, আওয়ামী লীগ সভানেত্রী শেখ হাসিনা ও জাতীয় পার্টির চেয়ারম্যান হুসেইন মুহাম্মদ এরশাদের বিরুদ্ধে দায়েরকৃত বিভিন্ন মামলার প্রধান আইনজীবী হিসেবে মামলা পরিচালনা করছেন। পরষ্পরবিরোধী এসব রাজনৈতিক নেতাদের মামলা পরিচালনা করে ইতিমধ্যে তিনি আলোচিত হয়েছেন। প্রবীণ ও বিজ্ঞ এই আইনজীবীর উদ্দেশে একটি খোলাচিঠি লিখেছেন www.kobitaogaan.com-এর[1] একজন ফোরাম সদস্য। ইংরেজি ভাষায় লেখা এ চিঠিটি আমাদের কাছে যথেষ্ট ইন্টারেস্টিং বলে মনে হয়েছে। নাম প্রকাশ না করায় লেখকের ইমেইল ঠিকানা ব্যবহার করেই আমাদের সময়ের পাঠকদের জন্য লেখাটি হুবহু প্রকাশ করা হল।

Celebrating the month of victory – and a note for Barrister Rafiqul Haque
The month of December this year should be a month when the nation takes some time to introspect and retrospect, to make sure that we as a nation celebrate our success and correct our failures.

The collaborators of Pakistani Army have either killed the best brains during our 1971 Liberation War. At the very end of our nine-month war, the collaborating forces did the worst crime of the last century. The gathered a great number of living intellectuals and killed them in a planned way so the newborn nation cannot stand upright The intellectuals carry the burden of conscious of a nation and that burden is very high when a nation has come out of a long armed struggle and where many of the best people have been killed in war.

Those who did kill our intellectuals – did it with a very conscious mind. The deserved to be prosecuted without mercy at the end of the war, they deserve so today. However, we know that is something that we as a nation owe to our liberation war heroes. No question about it.

With that background, we want to highlight one single issue today. It is not only the loss of our greatest minds that caused our current situation. There is another side of the story. What good brains we were left with, they did not do their job. They are not doing their job. We want to highlight one such example today. Many of you may disagree with this viewpoint We are also sending this article out hesitantly – with a hope that this may trigger something good. Sometimes a good brain needs some teaser to act Hopefully, we are doing exactly that.

While watching a biographical programmed on the life of Barrister Rafiqul Haque, it seems that he has some share in almost all the important things that our nation has gone through. Some of those roles will make us proud, but many others would give us a feeling, which are not so proud. However, he, it seems, has been a witness to most of the important ups and downs of the legal history of our country.

Right now, he is involved in something that one day might prove to be a low point of his career. After being part of many of the important legal proceedings, he was rightfully saying that he wants to retire from the legal profession after finishing the current assignments.

We would like to humbly suggest one thing to this living legend.

Almost all the misgivings of our nations history can be traced back to the great loss of our greatest sons of the land. Intellectuals who can guide the nation were killed – cowardly.

Then there was another set of intellectuals – who did not do their job. You generation failed to do the right thing. You did not punish those cowards – you did not have the time to prosecute the culprits.

Would you come out public and advise the nation (instead of advising the corrupts) about how to proceed about prosecuting the unpunished criminals of 1971?

That would be a service that nation would remember you for.

You do things when Hasina tells you to do; you do things when Khaleda tells you to do.

Would you volunteer your legal advise to the nation about how to proceed in trying the criminals of 1971? Certainly, you would not get money (in disguise) earned through corruption, in this case. Or a share of illicit power, which you so cheerfully described – off course, you are good in sugar coating your stories. But try this one this time. Do it out of good conscious. A good chance to prove your critics wrong.

If you thought some of the ideas are worth of your reading time, please forward it to others. If you have an ear to the columnists in regular traditional media, please forward it to them. If you have an ear to the journalists and news editors of the electronic media, discuss it with them. Hope they would look at the suggestions and give due diligence.

Thanks for your time,

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