by Upama Saha | April 12, 2013 10:09 am

I am the shinning light

the wind beneath your wings.

I am the beaming light in your times of darkness.

The strength you seek

in your time of weakness.

I am a warrior

I am your calmness

I am your light

I am woman.

I am that mother crying

in the world so worried

for her young.

The one you come to when nothing else will do.

I am the lap you cry on when the world is weighing you down.

That smile that makes you realize everyone will be


I am the heart that you broke so many times,

but never you mind cause i will carry on.

I will strive through this pain

get through this heartache and be a stronger person then you.

You who i have loved,

you who i will not forget but will forgive in due time

when my heart has heeled

and i am able to feel.

I am those those tears

that is lost with the night.

That silent sorrow,

that disappears with time that has

gone by.

I am the sun that rises,

after a day of storm.

I am the mother of every child

the smile that gives you comfort.

The strength you seek to carry on

and the reason for your being.

I embody everything


Source URL: https://priyoaustralia.com.au/literature/poems/2013/i-am-woman/