by Upama Saha | December 28, 2012 11:53 am

I’ll survive.

That is what I say to me

each and every day.

Through all the rain and hail that

life has shown me.

I say with a smile on my face

I’ll have tomorrow to win this race.

I have seen a beacon of light

through these impossible tunnels.

I have sat at night questioning

the meaning of life.

Yet I stand here in front of you

yelling from the top of my lung


I have seen life vanish in front of my eyes

watch the sun rise

after a night of darkness

filled with memories I would rather suppress.

But I shake it off

and think to myself,

I will survive.

Survive for the generations to come.

For the great thinkers of tomorrow.

For the memories of yesterday

and for the daughters of tomorrow.

I will survive

to strive for a better tomorrow.

To be the part of the solution and not

the problem.

To be the wife that you are thankful for

One day even be the mother my child is grateful for.

Survive for the stories,

for the deaths gone unnoticed.

I will survive for those

that did not survive.

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