Mass gathering to express Solidarity with the trial of war criminals in Bangladesh

by Priyo Australia | March 12, 2013 9:02 pm

This was made and published by Bangladesh Gonojagoron Moncho Sydney, Australia

Trials of War Criminals and Crimes against Humanity in Bangladesh

Dear all

You may be aware of the recent trials of war criminals and crimes against humanity in Bangladesh that committed in 1971. During liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971, around three million people were brutally killed and 200,000 women were raped or assaulted by Pakistani soldiers and their local collaborators. Bangladesh government commenced bringing those perpetrators into justice in 2011. Some court orders have already been delivered during last couple of months through International Crime Tribunal, an internationally accepted judicial process. People of Bangladesh are very supportive of this trial process and want appropriate punishment of those odious criminals. Unfortunately, those perpetrators are still very active in Bangladesh. Their activists and followers are now committing crimes like manslaughters; they are involved in mass killing, burning down properties and other destructive activities in the name of protesting the trials.

Recently, a few highly objectionable leaflets regarding the trials of some of those war criminals were distributed in various mosques in Sydney on 1st March after the Jumaah prayer. The contents of those leaflets were highly fabricated. Being Bangladeshi expatriates we feel obligation to respond to those misleading publicities.

As you know, Bangladesh is a muslim country with 85% of its citizens are followers of Islam and all are true peace loving people. In the last election, the present government of Bangladesh was voted to power with more than 75% parliament seats while Jamat-e-Islam Bangladesh, the party belong to Delwar Hossain Sayedee, Abdul Kader Mollah, Motiur Rahman Nizami, Golam Azam and others who are under trials now for their crimes against humanity in 1971 bagged only around 2% of the country’s votes. They have been embracing similar results since the party was allowed in politics by its rescuer the then President Major General Ziaur Rahman.

Jamat-e-Islam and it’s the then leaders and activists not only opposed the liberation of Bangladesh in 1971, they assisted Pakistani occupation army and got involved in genocide, raping, burning properties, and torturing of millions of innocent people. People of Bangladesh still could not forget those atrocities and many have been severely suffering from the trauma since then.

The trials of those crimes against humanity and war criminals are long standing demand of vast majority of people of Bangladesh. The seating government won the last election with vast majority, partly due to their commitment to ensure these trials. So, it is neither the party Awami League nor the government, it is the people of Bangladesh who decided to bring those heinous criminals to justice. The government does have no rights or can hardly dare to ignore these demands of millions of Bangladeshi people.

The claims of Jamat and its allies regarding recent days’ mass killing in Bangladesh are blatant lie. The present government of Bangladesh is not engaged in extra-judicial killing, rather Jamat and its allies are getting ferocious, and involved in killing police, innocent people, cutting foot ligaments, burning down temples and houses of minorities. In the name of Islam, they are putting fire on public buildings, trains, buses and private vehicles. Recently, they became more violent destroying bridges, burning carpets in the mosques, burning our national flags and Shahid Minars. They are planning to kill the intellectual people, even Islamic scholars and Imams of the various mosques. In reality, they have started war against Islam, humanity and the country. Basically, they appear again with the same monstrous character as they did in 1971.

As we mentioned above, the majority of Bangladeshi people are muslims and no political party can afford to exercise politics keeping itself against Islam. The trials of Kader Mollah, Delwar Hossain Saydee, Quamruzzaman, Nizami, Golam Azam and others are nothing against Islam, rather for their crimes against humanity which were committed during our liberation war in 1971. AND we trust you all agree with us that all CRIMES MUST BE put under trial otherwise it will generate more crimes.

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