Fundraiser planned for 3 Aug 2012 : 7 pm for 7.30 pm Start

by Priyo Australia | May 18, 2012 3:00 am

Dear Community leader / friend,

I informed you earlier that I have been preselected by the Labor Party to ‘Lead’ the Labor ticket for the forthcoming Strathfield council election on 8 September. This is the first time a first generation migrant from the Indian Sub-continental heritage has been selected to ‘Lead’ a ‘Council ticket’ by a major ‘Political Party’ in Australia, to my knowledge.

This nomination reflects the view of the Labor Party on the achievements of our community in partnership with the broader Australian community in making Australia an increasingly more prosperous, more socially integrated and multicultural nation for all Australians.

This nomination is a very significant challenge for the community and I need your kind support to raise some funds [within the rules provided for fundraising ] to run a successful campaign .

Working together we can make Australia an increasingly better place for all Australians. Working together we can build an Australia where every child can have increasingly more access to opportunities to become the best they can be, regardless of any disadvantage that birth or social circumstances might impose on them and where mutual respect for each other can continue to increase.

I look forward to hearing from you extending your kind support for this fundraiser.

Please mark the date ( 3 August-Friday) in your diary . I shall communicate other details including that of the venue soon.

Also I would highly appreciate if you please kindly forward this appeal to your community friends requesting their kind support for this campaign.

We are travelling through a transformative stage of our history and working together we will be able write an inspiring one for our future generations!

Best regards.

Yours most sincerely,

Raj Datta

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