Srotar Ashor's next program Jugol Bondee Gane Gane

by Priyo Australia | May 15, 2013 8:34 pm

Dear Srota,

Srotar Ashor cordially invites you to our next program, “Jugol Bondee Gane Gane” at 5 pm on Saturday, 22nd of June.

When we think of duets, we picture Uttam and Suchitra in a romantic setting with the melodious voice of Hemanta and Shandhya singing in the background . We picture Kobori and Razzaq frolicking in the flower garden with the dulcet tones of Sabina Yasmin and Abdul Hadi making it into a fairy tale story. Let us also not forget the immortal duets celebrating the love of parents for their children, the bonds of friendship between two lifelong friends, and the deep affection that siblings have for each other.

You have guessed it! The theme of our program is duets. We will try our best to capture those magic moments for you, and who better to do it then the very talented Kakon, Mowli, Simin, Shomi, Himani, Abonti, Poonam, Aninda, Aungshu, Chanchal , Razib, and Zaki along with equally talented musicians, Palash, Raphael, Saif, Reza and Saugato.

We look forward to your company.

The details are:
Date: Saturday, 22 June 2013.
Time: 5 pm sharp(Seating at 4:45pm)
Place: Chandler Community Centre, 28 Isaac Rd, Keysborough

Entry is Free.


Srotar Ashor


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