Charity dinner with Ayub Bachchu‏ to support “Anandapath, Tangail”

by Priyo Australia | October 24, 2011 5:16 pm

Dear respected community members,

Australia Bangladesh Association would like to take the pride in associating with a worthy cause to inviting you all to a charity dinner to support “Anandapath, Tangail”, a sui generis Educational institution located in the district of Tangail, Bangladesh. We are glad to let you know that eminent rock star Ayub Bachchu along with his band LRB have agreed to be present at the event to support the cause.

Date: 28-10-2011

Time: 7:30 pm

Address: VIT Café.413, Jhonston St, Abbotsford 3067

Contribution: $25 per person (Additional contributions are welcome)

RSVP: Razib 0430 341211, Sajib 0433332425 by 24/10/2011

Anandapath is a noncommercial children’s school located in Tangail, Bangladesh. It was established in 2005 with a mission of providing education to young children going beyond the conventional education system to lead the children out of the moral penury that has been persistent in our conventional education system for a long time. The Education system in Bangladesh is too much confined to mechanical practice of memorization, attainment of certificates and exam results. Yet, making of responsible citizen with good personality and character does not necessarily depend on these mere achievements. Rather nourishment of humane virtues & sensibility and instilling those into students through a creative environment at the educational institution is what very much required. Additionally, minds of students should be drawn open to receive all the best thoughts in the world. Unfortunately, poverty, remnants of feudal-cultural practices, mischievousness of religious bigotry, impact of western sensualist culture, commoditized education system, misery of unaware and confused guardian trapped in the net of too-good-to-be-true advertisement of education- merchants (!), lack of high standard teaching qualities with the teachers and above all, an utter absence of a proper education policy stand as the biggest obstruction towards those development needed to mould today’s child into a responsible and educated citizen.

Nonetheless, refusing to accept the crisis prevailing in our education system, Anandapath, driven by their sense of humane and social responsibility took initiative in 2005 to establish an alternative and non-commercial educational institute in Registry Para of Tangail sadar.

Prime Objective of ANANDAPATH Shishu Bikash Bidyaloy: “To bring up a child as a good citizen with sense of science, humanity & culture and capable of taking leadership’’

We consider that good governance in the country would be established only when well-educated good citizens are brought up in abundance. Establishment of good governance will make our freedom meaningful in all aspects. Bangladesh will be able to stand upright at the international level as a prosperous and modern nation, with advanced knowledge, science and thoughts. The objective of ANANDAPATH is to identify all the subjects and topics required to meet proper mental development of our future citizen and formulate and implement appropriate programs to cater the need.

Dear community members. As we live in one of the most developed countries in the world and are familiar with one of the best education systems, we know how education make a big difference in the physical, mental and moral growth of our children. Bangladesh is greatly in need of a change in its education system and Anandapath has taken an initiative to commence this silent revolution. Your support and patronization is much needed for that.

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Kind regards,

Australia Bangladesh Association Inc, Victoria


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