Kathak presents Chetonay Rabindranath

by Priyo Australia | September 4, 2010 6:35 am

Dear Community members

Kathak is proud to announce that it is going to stage a cultural evening “Chetonay Rabindranath” on the eve of 150th birthday of Kobi Guru Rabindranath Thakur on the 6th of November (Saturday) at 7.00 pm at Chandler Community Centre. Kathak invites the community members to come and join us at the show. For details, please see the attachment.

Tickets will be available from:

Bharati Chakraborti 0419596369
Shampa Dev 0401835671
Zakirul Haider Babu 0422209779
Azad 0433114867
Nainu Prodhan 98861341
Dr. Mosiul Hoque 93505630
Meena Siddique 97929390
Abu Zakaria 0403641142

Hope you will enjoy the programme.



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