Canberra Eid-ul-Adha on Friday 1st September, 2017

by Muhith Masih (বাবু) | August 22, 2017 11:02 pm

Asalamu-Alaikum WRT, WBT (Greetings of Peace to All)

Canberra Eid-ul-Adha has been announced by the Imams Council of the ACT for Friday 1st September 2017 AD, 1438 H, IA.

May the Lord accept our Hajj, Ameen!

Wasalam, Eid Mubarak and Peace to All Mankind.


————————————————— Updates Pending —————————————————
Canberra Eid Salaat Proposed Times (Subject to Confirmation)

8:00 am Canberra Mosque @ 130 Empire Circuit, Yarralumla ACT 2600
8:30 am Out Door Eid Salaat @ Australian Institute of Sports, Leverrier St, Bruce ACT 2617
9:00 am Canberra Islamic Centre (CIC) @ 221 Clive Steele Ave., Monash, ACT 2904

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