Canberra Eid-ul Adha Tuesday 15th October 2013/1434

by Muhith Masih (বাবু) | October 5, 2013 7:19 pm

Eid-ul Adha 1434H/2013AD in Canberra has been advised by the Imams Council of the ACT for Tuesday 15th October, 2013, IA.

Holy Kabah – Mataf Mobile Floor Expansion Project – Now in service for current Hajj. The Modular Mobile floor which takes up to three days to assemble makes it possible to complete the Tawaf in 25 minutes on average for the frail and computer simulation shows optimum use of the space in safety if 155 pilgrims enter and exit the floor per minute completing some 900 Tawafs per hour.
Holy Kabah - Mataf Mobile Floor Expansion Project - Now in service.

Eid Prayers Locations:

Outdoor Eid ul Adha Salaat (Organised by the Canberra Mosque)
At the University of Canberra – Entry Via Haydon Drive,
BRUCE ACT 2617, Oval #2 (Grass Sports Field)
Starts at 8:00am sharp.
Prayer Mats required (with plastic sheet for protection)

Prayers at the CIC (Canberra Islamic Centre) 221 Clive Steele Ave,
Starts at 9am.


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