Ouderland Memorial Committee Presents: Film Festival : Itihash Kotha Koi : 9 March 2008 in Canberra

by Priyo Australia | February 28, 2008 6:04 am

A month-long film festival will be organized by Ouderland Memorial Committee in Canberra on the occasion of Independence and National Day of Bangladesh. It will be held at different locations in Canberra. Feature films and documentaries on our historic War of Liberation will be shown during the month- long film festival.

The film festival will open with the first show at the Community Hall of Bangladesh High Commission on 09 March 2008. Five other shows will be held in north and southern parts of Canberra & Queanbeyan. Time, place & name of the films of five other shows will be announced shortly.

The objective of this film festival is to honor the great freedom fighters and also to project the history of our War of Liberation to our community and to our Australian friends as well, who supported our just struggle for independence. The Ouderland Memorial Committee has a plan to hold similar programs throughout Australia.

Name of Films for the first show on 09 March 2008:

1. Jiban Theke Neya, Directed by Zahir Raihan 1971.
2. Stop Genocide, Directed By Zahir Raihan 1971.

A number of books and photographs on our historic War of Liberation will be exhibited during the opening show.

Date: 09.03.08
Time: 3 pm to 7 pm
Day: Sunday
Free Entry

All are invited.

Kamrul Ahsan Khan, Convener; Dr Kamal Uddin, Join Convener
Oudeland Memorial Committee

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