Musical melody at the heart of Brisbane

by Dr Naila Aziz Meeta | April 25, 2010 11:51 am

Society of Bangladeshi Doctors QLD INC. By Dr Khaled Bhuiyan

Annual cultural evening could well be overdue but its timing could not be better as it hosted, Sabiha Mahboob, the pioneer of Nazrul Geeti (Songs produced by Kazi Nazrul Islam).

The upcoming promising performers from Brisbane also produced an outstanding presentation in the event.

10th April 2010 was the ideal evening as Dr Naila Meeta and Dr Mohammed Islam (Zaman) Society’s General Secretary hosted the cultural night.

The authentic and exceptional decoration of the stage by Engineer Mustafiz Rahman was reflecting the traditional Bengali art.

Welcome speech was delivered by Society’s Organising Secretary, Dr.Mohammed Alam as he described in brief the core activities of the Society as well as offered gratitude to the sponsors- ‘ANZ’ and ‘Think Numero’.

The show started with our little performers, Nawar with her nice piano followed by Anushka with a beautiful Tagore song.

Society’s president, Dr Atifur Rahman won the heart of the audiences in an unorthodox manner (for an Interventional Cardiologist) with a beautiful modern Bengali song of Hemanta followed by a duet with Sabiha Mahboob.

Maisha Rahman proved everybody wrong as she produced a wonderful Nazrul Geeti after a long break from singing.

The blazing popular Bengali and Hindi music was delicately orchestrated by Dr Nazneen Neela as viewers were cheering and clapping her performance.

It was the time for the presenters to change their role at the stage. Dr Naila Meeta produced two stunning melodious Bengali songs.

Dr Mohammed Islam showed new potential as he came out from the world of poetry and produced an outstanding Bengali duet with Dr Naila Meeta.

Just before the dinner break sponsors announced the raffle draw result with a bucket, full of gifts.

Traditional Indian biriany with chicken curry was the perfect indulgence for the evening as the audiences were preparing for the main attraction.

Society was proud to present the great Bangladeshi television and radio singer, Sabiha Mahboob in front of the Brisbane listeners. She sang Nazrul Geeti, modern songs and Hindi songs. It was her melodious voice that lasted humming in the ear of the audiences as they left the auditorium.

Society’s president, Dr Atifur Rahman delivered his speech to convey his appreciation to all who worked hard for the triumphant occasion.

It was the combined effort from all that would make this evening memorable in the future.

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