Protest Rally Media Release

by Priyo Australia | April 1, 2013 1:55 am

Bangladeshi people living in Adelaide South Australia held a protest rally on Sunday 31 March 2013 starting at 11.00 am led by the Bangladesh Puja & Cultural Society of South Australia Inc (BPCSSA). First part of the activity starting at 11.00 am was a peaceful sit-in demonstration in front of the South Australian Parliament House located at the corner of King William Road and North Terrace, Adelaide. The second part of the activity starting at 11.30 am was a silent walk towards the Victoria Square from the Parliament House holding banners, festoons, and covering head with black cloth. The protest activity ended at the Victoria Square, Adelaide at 12.30 pm.The protest activity attracted a large crowd from the Bangladeshi community and draw attention from the people around the Adelaide city.People from Bangladesh living in Adelaide South Australia strongly protested the violation of human rights of the religious minorities in Bangladesh. Their demand are:• United Nations (UN) investigation for recent violence and atrocities on the Hindus, Buddhists, and Christians in Bangladesh.• Strong condemnation from the world leaders including the Australian Government to ask the Government and all political parties of Bangladesh to immediately take necessary actions to stop the violence against the minorities.• Justice for the affected individuals and families who suffered due to the acts of the war criminals in 1971 liberation struggle of Bangladesh.• Punishment of the culprits and their political backers for their crimes against humanity.• Motion at the Parliament of Bangladesh to pass special laws that will allow exemplary punishment to the culprits and their political backers who commit violent attacks and atrocities on the religious minority people and their places of worship, businesses, and properties in Bangladesh.  • Internationally blacklisting of the political parties in Bangladesh that directly or indirectly responsible for the atrocities on the religious minorities in the country.The Silent Walk can be viewed here:

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