BASSA Quarbani News

by Priyo Australia | September 25, 2013 8:18 am

BASSA is very happy to announce that we have arranged the facility for Qurbani for BASSA’s Muslim Members and Bangladeshi community. Eid – ul – Azha will be held on 15th of October 2013 in Adelaide. The month of Zilhajj and time of Qurbani is knocking our door. As usual, BASSA has taken the initiative to organize Qurbani for the Members of BASSA and others. You can make Qurban a goat or a lamb each for $120.00 or a share of beef for $140.00. You may do as many Qurbani as you like. Please confirm your intention with the BASSA President, General Secretary or other BASSA EC members or Dr.Anwara Islam by 13th of October 2013 (EC Members contact details can be found on our website – After Qurbani, you will have to collect the meat from the pickup point. We will confirm the pickup point later on.

If you wish you can come to Adelaide Bangla School to make your Qurbani confirmation, we arranged special time schedule for all interested Members and community people.

Special time schedule like as:

Sunday – 29th September 2013

Sunday – 6th October 2013

Sunday – 13th October 2013

From 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm

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