How to vote for Labor at Strathfield

by Priyo Australia | August 28, 2012 11:26 pm

Dear friends,

Please promote this message to your family and friends living in Strathfield Local Government area ( Flemington, Homebush West. Homebush, Strathfield , Belfield, Greenacre, ) to inform them how to vote for Labor at the Strathfield council election on Sept 8.
Thank you in advance for your kind anticipated kind help.


Raj Datta

2012/pdf/How_To_Vote_Labor___B_573096014.pdf[1] ( B)  2012/pdf/How_To_Vote_Labor___F_231011332.pdf[2] ( B) 

  1. 2012/pdf/How_To_Vote_Labor___B_573096014.pdf:
  2. 2012/pdf/How_To_Vote_Labor___F_231011332.pdf: /

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