Bengali as LOTE in VCE

by Priyo Australia | December 11, 2010 6:22 pm

Dear Community members,

You may be aware that we have been trying hard to re-introduce Bengali as LOTE in VCE. As per the VCAA criteria for a language to be reaccredited in the VCE, at least 15 students need to be enrolled nationally each year. We coordinated with NSW schools for this purpose. However, the Board of Studies in NSW is very slow in their response. It appears that this time Victoria needs to move alone. We currently have eleven students from Victoria, enrolled in Bengali classes at the VSL across Years 10 and 11. We need four more students to fullfil our dream. We are urging the parents whose children are currently studying in Years 10 and 11 to enrol them in Bengali classes at the VSL and subsequently in possible Bangali LOTE. This subject can be taken as the 7th subject -which will have no impact on the ENTER score if satisfactory marks is not obtained. If you are willing to help us to fullfil our dream please contact the following persons:

Shuvo bhai (Dr. Ahmed Sharif Shuvo) – 0413124627
Anowara bhabi- 0433406168

We look forward to having community support to this great initiative.

Best Regards,

Dr. Khalid Moinuddin
Western Region Bengali School

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