Accommodation request for Babu and his father for around six weeks in Melbourne

by Priyo Australia | January 18, 2008 2:03 am

Dr John Arvier from Brisbane is organizing an extremely complicated surgery for an underprivileged Bangladeshi boy, Jibon Islam Babu at no cost. Babu, a lovely 10 year old boy will be accompanied by his financially poor father, Satter. Babu has a large benign growth that has destroyed most of his jaw on the right side. Doctors will remove the tumour and reconstruct the missing jaw with some bone from his leg. Dr Baidul Alam (a Bangladeshi Dental Surgeon) has also been sponsored to tour on this trip to gain experience so that he can perform similar surgeries in Bangladesh. ROMAC and Rotary International are sponsoring the relevant costs. Initially the surgery was supposed to be done at Wesley hospital in Brisbane and I planned to house Babu and his father.

But Babu and his father will now go to Melbourne for the surgery, approximately at the end of this month. Accordingly, Dr John Arvier is desperately looking for a Bangladeshi contact person who might be able to accommodate Babu and his father for around six weeks. Rotary will pay a small stipend to cover out-of-pocket expenses (approx $150 per week, I think). Please note, Babu and his father can not speak English so they need Bangla speaking people around them during their stay in Melbourne.

I ask of you to acknowledge the extensive efforts of Dr John Arvier Dr Andrew Heggie, Dr Bryan Mason and Dr Badiul Alam for the citizens of Bangladesh and Medical Science, and ask yourself what you can do to assist a citizen from your mother country who is in a far more disadvantaged state than you are.

Please note that this accommodation request is for the patient and his father for around six weeks mainly because of their language limitation and emotional needs.

Dr John Arvier can be contacted on 0411753055.

Could you please circulate the following request to Bangladeshi community members in Melbourne.


Dr Rafiul Alam
98 Hazelton St, Riverhills, QLD 4074.
Home phone: 07 3376 2065.
Mobile phone: 0433 195 436.

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