Bangla School, Canberra: North Side Campus

by Priyo Australia | May 12, 2010 7:13 pm

Dear All

Due to constant demand of Bangladeshi community living in North Canberra, the management committee of Bangla Language and Cultural School has decided to open a north side campus of the school to expose children to Bangla Language, Bangladeshi culture and Religious education through a formal curriculum and community based activities.

To facilitate the opening of the new campus, the interested parents are requested to send their children’s names. We also request any suggestions regarding the location of the campus noting that the opening of a new campus is dependent upon finding an appropriate venue. The management committee of the school also request the members of Bangladeshi community to express their interest to teach Bangla Language, Religious education and Bangladeshi culture.

Contacts Persons:

Zillur Rahman

Ph: 62944345; Mob: 0403 197 860; Email:

Tulip Chaudhury

Ph: 6231 1774; Email:

Umme Salma

Ph: 62546649; Mob: 0402 389 325; Email:


Zillur Rahman


Bangla Language and Cultural School

Bangla Language and Cultural School

P.O. Box No 2152, Canberra City, Act 2601.

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