World Environment Day Supplement “Buriganga” out now

by Ahmed Imran | June 15, 2012 6:19 pm

We named this supplement “Buriganga” – after the name of the river flowing through the heart of Old Dhaka in Bangladesh – because the river represents the worst of environmental pollution in Bangladesh. The river Buringanga was once Dhaka’s pride and lifeline. It was not only the main source of water supply for Dhaka, was also an important mode of communication, a popular destination for Jaminders and Dhaka residents to enjoy boat cruises, a source of fresh fish, among other things. Unfortunately, sewage from the tanneries and unplanned industry factories along the bank has destroyed the river’s ecosystem. Today the pitch black water of the Buriganga turning into the major career of many waterborne diseases.

Click here for the Supplement “Buriganga”[1]

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