A small win for Bangla

by Priyo Australia | May 24, 2011 10:40 pm

Dear Respected Community Members:

Many of you may know that some of us have been involved in a protracted effort in reintroducing Bangla as a LOTE in VCE level. Bangla was suspended as a LOTE subject few years back as we could not find minimum requirement of 15 students nationwide. At the end of 2010 we got 19 grade 10 and 11 students (11 from Victoria and 8 from NSW) who were willing to take Bangla as LOTE in 2011 VCE and NSW HSC examination. However, the NSW board could not do the necessary approval within the set time frame. Hence, with 11 Victorian students VCAA reject our application for reintroduction of Bangla in VCE. However, through a lot of persuasions and effort and facing a lot of administrative hurdles at the end Bangla has been reintroduced as a LOTE subject as VCE level. Instead of a VCE subject it has been approved as a VET subject. VET subject does not require a minimum number of students while VCE subject needs at least 15 students to get approval. The approval process is not an automatic one but it has to go through a painstaking and protracted approval process.

At the 11th hour (literally the last hour of the last day of enrolment) Bangla was given approval as the unscored VET subject for VCE in 2011 and onwards. This year 5 students have enrolled for Bangla in VCE. Due to uncertainty the other students have dropped out this year. There is no minimum student requirement in this system. Although the subject is called ‘unscored’, essentially the students will get credits towards their ATAR which will be a proportionate add on to their other score.

The implication is:

The teacher (Anowara Bhabi) will certify the students who successfully complete the requirements of the course. Hopefully all attending students will receive such a certificate. Then they will be awarded 10% increment of the score they achieve in their best 4 subjects in average. This additional number will then be added to their score, which will enhance their ATAR. It is eventually very good news for the language. Firstly, Bangla has somehow reintroduced as LOTE at VCE level. Secondly, the students will get 10% increment of their score for ATAR. Thirdly, the students do not have to be perfect in Bangla nor they have to depend on the score given by the internal assessor (the teacher).

After a few years of successful running, the subject can apply for conversion into a scored subject. When we get 15 students we can then reply for an individually scored VCE subject with bonus marks. Until then, this is the best we could have achieved.

In this journey Ms Pandora Petrovska (Assistant Principal VSL) helped us all the way. Without her active co-operation and constant persuasion it wouldn’t have been possible. On behalf of our community I express my gratitude to her. VSL Bengali teacher Anowara Bhabi put a lot of efforts to it. Bimal Da (Mr Bimal Maity) from the West Bengal community provided us relevant information, facilitated contact with VSL and VCAA and above all encouraged us all the way. Kumu Bhai and Khalid Moinuddin Bhai from our community were also involved. My sincere appreciation to all of them.

Dear community members, the opportunity is back. The ball is in our court. Please encourage the parents to enroll their Grade 10 and 11 students for Bangla as VET subject for their VCE for 2012. This has been a small but significant win; let us make it a big victory in the future.


Ahmed Sharif Shuvo

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