Short Film About Bengali Immigrants – Director Adnan Chowdhury

by Priyo Australia | May 17, 2010 6:42 pm

Whilst most young Bengalis are working hard to become software programmers, or lawyers, or doctors, Adnan Chowdhury has decided to make films. After attending Sydney Boys High, studying Commerce at UNSW, and then working at various software companies he is now making his first Bengali short film.

The film, called Omission, is about what it is like for a family to emigrate to Australia from Bangladesh. The norms and values of the two cultures clash in the home but in the end the characters must move on and assimilate.

He is now casting for appropriate Bengali speaking actors:
1. Monir – Male – Mid 30s – Bengali speaking – Father. Quiet, firm, serious, strict but loving and protective of his family.
2. Rajun – Male – 9 to 10 years old – Some Bengali required – Child. Adventurous, thoughtful, curious, mischievous, cheeky.
3. Veena – Female – Early 30s – Bengali speaking – Mother. Conservative, loving, traditional, she is immensely protective of her family but knows her place.
4. Taxi Driver – Male – Mid 30s – Bengali speaking – positive, curious, friendly.

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