Time for Action to protect World Environment- BEN

by Priyo Australia | June 8, 2009 6:58 pm

Bangladesh Environment Network (BEN) Australian Chapter observed the World Environment day in Canberra on 5 June 2009 at Bangladesh Community Hall at O’Malley. The meeting discussed issues surrounding the world environment especially likely impact of climate change in Bangladesh and rest of the world. The discussants emphasized on awareness of the people for collective effort to face the Climate change. Such efforts and initiative may take place at community level as well as at individual level, where the speakers urged to “Think globally and act locally”. The discussants highlighted the current period as most critical to take action and to save the planet from further disaster.

Speakers urged polluters and the developed nations to take more responsibility of global warming for which many populated country like Bangladesh is under severe threat. Scientist predicted that Bangladesh is in the front line to be affected by climate change in near future. The meeting strongly believed that it is high time to take action for reducing global warming and take proper initiative so that millions of people’s life could be saved .World leadership should act proactively through definite policy that could address the issues such as use of renewable energy to reduce global warming. Technology should be transferred to the most vulnerable countries, such as Bangladesh to mitigate and reduce the severity of impact of global climate change. More research, substantial amount of resources and effort should be spent for renewable energy to reduce carbon emission. Community members also expressed their hope that the next Copenhagen conference to held at the end of this year would bring some positive outcome to face the challenges of global warming.

Participants also expressed their deep concern regarding the Tipai Mukh barrage proposed by the Indian Government. Speakers demanded that Indian Government to stop any initiative to build proposed Dam. It is also expected that the newly elected government of Bangladesh will undertake some positive negotiation with the Indian authority to stop building the barrage.

BEN Australia also reaffirmed their commitment to work for sustainable environment in Bangladesh as well in Australia. BEN Australia also announced some programmes in this direction very soon.

The meeting was attended by good number of community members, Diplomats, academics, Environmentalist, students were present. Bangladesh High Commissioner Lt.Gen Masududdin Choudhury attended the meeting and appealed world community to come forward and to assist Bangladesh in facing consequence of Climate change. Leaders of Climate Action Group in Australia. Friend of Earth, Bangladesh community leader, and academics took part in lively discussion. Mr. McDonald Camroon. Liegh Hughe, Anne O’brain, Cindy Eirtze from main stream spoke on this occasion. Dr Kamal Uddin of BEN initiated the discussion and Kamrul Ahsan Khan Coordinator of BEN Australian Chapter moderated the session. Dr Mohammed Moiuuddin Convener Canberra branch conducted meeting. Member of the community Mr Badiuzaman Khan Mr.Bazlur Rahman.,Mr Borhan Ahmed, Dr Umme Salma. Dr Ajoy Kar ,Mr Ahmed Imran. Dr Ashraf,.Mrs Naznin Choudhury and Anamul Bhuiyan Mukul. Good number of community member was present and took active part in discussion.

BEN Sydney branch is also observing World Environmental day on 14 of June, Sunday at Bangladesh House in Sydney.

Event photos at https://priyoaustralia.com.au/photos/main.php?g2_itemId=5789[1]

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