Rallies held in Australia to Stop Climate Change and Save Bangladesh

by Priyo Australia | September 19, 2009 12:43 am

The Bangladeshi community and the supporters rallied in Canberra and Sydney on Friday 18 September 2009 for drawing attention of the international community in support of Bangladesh that has been identified as the most vulnerable country for climate change affect. Bangladesh is expected to be severely affected from the rising sea levels of melting of the Himalayan glaciers, salinity and extreme weather events. The huge number of people affected will destabilise Bangladesh, South Asia, and the world as a whole. The Rally urged World community and UN to come forward to provide assistance to Bangladesh and mitigate the problem.

The Canberra rally was organised by the Bangladesh Environment Network (BEN), Canberra chapter. In Canberra rally, Member of the ACT Legislative Assembly Shane Rattenbury and MLA Caroline Le Couteur with other supporters express their solidarity with the causes.

Members from the Climate Action Canberra, Climate Justice Canberra, Australian Youth Climate Coalition, and Clean Energy for Eternity and Australia Bangladesh Association, such as Leigh Hughes, Anne O’Brien, Cindy Eiritz, Philippa, Clayton McDonald, Nicky Moffat, Dr M Mainuddin, Dr Kamal Uddin, Dr Ajoy kar, Dr Moyjur Rahman, writer Ivy Rahman, Dr Abed Choudhury, Anamul Mukul and Kamrul Ahsan Khan spoke in the Rally and share their experience in a meeting at the Community Hall.

A delegation from the rally handed over a ‘Memorandum addressed to the Secretary General of the UN’ to the local ACT UN office. A copy of the Memorandum has also been given officially for the attention of the Prime Minister of Bangladesh through Bangladesh High Commission Counsellor Mr Nazrul Islam in Canberra, Australia.
A petition in support of the Memorandum was also signed by members of the community. PriyoAustrlia launched an online petition campaign in support of the Memorandum and action plan for Bangladesh.

The Sydney rally was held in Hyde Park and the Canberra rally was held outside the Regional office of the United Nations.

Sydney Rally

The congregation started at 4:00pm at the Hyde Park, Sydney and the Rally at 4:30pm. At the beginning, Mr Nazrul Islam, most senior Bangladeshi born Australian citizen, gave a short speech on Climate Change. Following this Dr Swapan Paul elaborated the purpose of the rally and briefly outlined the list of demands to the UN. The rally concluded at 5:00pm. A large number of non resident Bangladeshi’s (NRB’s) participated in the rally and has drawn attention of a huge number of Sydney-siders and the Park users.

Other part of the World

Rallies were also held in the United States, Japan, and Bangladesh. In the United States the rally was held in front of the United Nation (UN) headquarters in New York on the eve of the annual General Assembly session.

Key messages in the memorandum included:

· Bangladesh is not responsible for causing climate change
· Bangladesh will be the worst victim of climate change
· Climate Change has already started to affect Bangladesh
· Developed countries have to take the responsibility
· Unsatisfactory performance of developed countries so far
· Climate assistance can set the direction of Bangladesh’s energy path
· Adopt 350 ppm as the stabilization goal
· Developed countries undertake the main role in achieving the 350 ppm target
· Developed countries provide necessary climate change related financial and technological assistance
· Provide immigration rights to climate refugees
· Climate assistance funds be placed under UNFCCC and provided as budgetary support grants
· Developed countries provide necessary technological support
· Commends the United Nations
· Declares their support for further strengthening of the UN role
· Wishes success to the UNFCCC process

Rally photos at https://priyoaustralia.com.au/photos/main.php?g2_itemId=8402[1]

For media enquiries contact:
Kamrul Ahsan Khan (0401683930) Coordinator
BEN Australia chapter
BEN Websites:
https://priyoaustralia.com.au/ben[2] http://www.ben-center.org[3]

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