$17,800 were collected for the cyclone victims of Bangladesh by BADRC

by Priyo Australia | January 11, 2008 12:01 am

Dear all

Happy New Year to all.

Bangladesh – Australia Disaster Relief Committee (BADRC) is happy to inform you all that a total amount of $17,800 were collected for the cyclone victims of Bangladesh.

An amount of $17,800 has been transferred to the High Commissioner’s Relief Fund for forwarding the amount to the Chief Adviser’s relief fund for Cyclone victims in Bangladesh.This contributions included donations made for the Cyclone victims plus the account balance carried forward from previous financial year.

We will appreciate if you could publish this news to all media/websites.

We would like to thank everybody for their generous donation. BADRC would also like to thank all the media, websites and organisations for their support and co-operation.

We look forward to work together in future too.

Please forward your queries to badrc1998@gmail.com[1], if you have any.



  1. badrc1998@gmail.com: mailto:badrc1998@gmail.com

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