Muhammad (pbuh) – the Greatest Man Ever by Brother Abul Ehsan (2+ Hours video)

by Abul Ehsan | August 29, 2010 3:36 am

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was the the most remarkable man that ever set foot on this earth. He is the finest embodiment of a perfect man in every sense of the term. The Almighty Allaah distinguished him from all and sundry by abundantly instilling in his sublime personality such fine qualities as modesty, humility, kindness, patience, generosity, truthfulness, honesty, justice and fairness, forgiveness, magnanimity, wisdom and the like.

This lecture titled “Muhammad (pbuh) the Greatest Man Ever”, by Brother Abul Ehsan, delves deep into the awe-inspiring everyday life of Prophet (pbuh) and his exemplary behaviours with fellow humans and lofty moral teachings. It rouses us to the reality that indeed it was the character of the Prophet (pbuh) that was one of the main reasons for such a rapid spread of his Noble Message.

The lecture goes to a great length to bring home the point that Prophet (pbuh) was a mercy not just to the Believers, but to Disbelievers as well. His (pbuh) staunchest enemies became his closest followers when the cloud of blind prejudice was removed from their sight and when they were able to see for the very first time, with clarity, the true nature of the Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) character.

Prophet’s (pbuh) life was an amazing model of simplicity and humbleness and is awe-inspiring for billions across the globe. Even as a Ruler of a vast Arabian peninsula with great fortunes and riches lying under his absolute control, Prophet (pbuh), slept on a mat of hay, and a pillow filled with course fibres.

Prophet’s (pbuh) manners and way of life were so modest and gentle that when he was among the people, a newcomer could not distinguish him from others and had to ask “which one of you is the Prophet”? He (pbuh) did not care to sit down in the ‘seat of honour’ in gatherings.

Prophet (pbuh) dealt most gently with all people including the most hardened sinners and people who insulted him and cursed him. Prophet (pbuh) was perfectly just in all of his dealings, judgments. He(pbuh) made no distinction between the rich and the poor in his ‘justice’.

He (pbuh) never took revenge for personal reasons and always forgave even his staunchest enemies. . No amount of crime against him was too great to be forgiven by him. Prophet (pbuh) always repelled evil with good. He (pbuh) foiled hatred with love; aggression with forgiveness; ignorance with knowledge of Islam. Thus he (pbuh) freed people from the bondage of sin and made them great friends of Islam.

Prophet (pbuh) taught that in the eyes of Almighty Allah, animals also have rights in the same way as man has. They should not be treated badly, tortured or left to starve without food or water. Prophet (pbuh) taught that quenching the thirst of even a small dumb animal is a noble act full of virtue.

Prophet (pbuh) taught that people of other faiths have as much right as the Muslims and should be protected from harm as much as the Muslims. As a Ruler, Prophet (pbuh) guaranteed the ‘freedom of worship’ to non-Muslims to practice their beliefs freely, allowed them the ‘freedom to appoint their own judges and priests’ and to refer to their own religious scriptures and learned men in regards to their own affairs. He (pbuh) allowed them the ‘freedom to have own churches and religious schools’ and even exempted them from military service.

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