Our Sweetest songs are those…

by Dilruba Shahana | February 28, 2018 10:07 am

Dilruba Shahana: We believe that from time immemorial on ward people cherish the words once pronounced by The Great English author and dramatist Shakespeare ‘our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought’. For us, people who speak Bangla(not Bengali as colonial power for their convenience called it and imposed it to call and as they named Calcutta, Bombay, Madras) the song of 21st February(‘Amar Bhaiyer Rokte Rangano’) is one of these.

Even If someone wishes to create or build February 21st. can not do it. It is sadly happened to be made with love and blood poured from heart. It is a universal truth.
Now a days Everywhere International Mother Language day is observed with enthusiasm in many ways. Specially with UNESCO’s declaration of 21st February as International Mother Language day in 1999 it is celebrated by different linguistic groups and nations. Celebration includes from seminar, cultural show, and serious article presentation to songs, dances with colourful surrounding. People who are far from their home in a different land this day becomes a multicultural festival for them.

For Bangla speaking people 21st February is very special one. They remember the past sad occurrence not once but every time with love and respect. They try their best to present this historical and empirical facts in simple and short to make everyone understand what people did to save the honour of their mother tongue.

Some presents short article on importance and significance of mother language and some on battle to preserve the mother language with data. Some read poems, some other sings songs.

What touches the most is the way little children perceived and depicts occurrence of great language movement of 1952 and suppression of the movement with bullet which poured blood.

I was part of an audience and among other things watch the effort of the little children of a Weekly Bangla School of Sunshine, Melbourne. Their presentation is simple and short but shine a lot.

First scene a boy with Jinnah cap delivered his speech and the moment he strongly uttered the words ‘Urdu, Urdu shall be the state language’ protesters raised their voice. Next scene the organised protesters appeared with festoon and placard appeared to show their frustration and displeasure against the decision. Rigorously their slogans were stopped by the people of power with bullet. Sadly couple of protester sank into the river of their own blood.

Does the bullet able to make them quiet forever? No, it does not.


Last scene with the song ‘amar bhaiyer rokte rangano’ little children are laying flowers at Shaheed Minar which erect as invincible memory of Bangla language martyr.

Bangla Sahitya Sangsad (BSS) Melbourne each year celebrates Vasha Dibosh, International Mother Language day in February. The said episode is from this year 2018 observation.

BSS showed respect to other language too. By letting them talk on their initiative to nurture their language. Japanese mother with her daughter participated in International Mother Language day celebration.


The presentation of the Japanese woman started with first few words in Japanese then followed by English. Interestingly she recalled the fact that first Asian Nobel prize winner in literature is Rabindranath Tagore and second winner is Kawabata from Japan.

I am a very positive person so I strongly believe if we try from the deep down of our heart to preserve and practice our mother tongue this effort will not go in vain.

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