IEB Australia Chapter holds GM and elects new Executive Committee

by Priyo Australia | September 21, 2018 12:51 pm

Date: 18 September 2018

The Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB) Australia Chapter held its 1st General Meeting on 16th September at 10 Kiriwina Place, Glenfield, NSW 2167. Many Bangladesh Engineers from BUET, KUET, CUET, RUET and IUT attended in the GM. The engineers discussed general business, aims and objectives and elected a new committee for the term 2018-2019.

During the 1st part of the GM, the outgoing Convenor, Engr. Saiful Islam, gave a short speech about IEB Australia Chapter. This was then followed by a short presentation about the main objectives of IEB by Engr. Dr. AHM Kamruzzaman.
Upon conclusion of general business, new committee selection process was conducted by Engr. Saiful Islam. Engr. Abdul Matin and Engr. Dr. AHM Kamruzzaman were unanimously voted to be the incoming president and general secretary respectively. The remaining four vice presidents, four assistant general secretary, three cultural secretary and sixteen executive member’s positions were selected.

Newly formed Executive Committee of IEB Australia Chapter for 2018-2019

1. President –Engr. Abdul Matin (BUET)
2. Vice President (Academic & International) – Engr. Dr. Zahid Hoque (KUET)
3. Vice President (Member Services) – Engr. Sohel Karim (RUET)
4. Vice President(Engineers professional Services & Social Welfare) – Engr. Dr. Neaz Sheikh(CUET)
5. Vice President(Administration & Finance) – Engr. Saiful Islam (BUET)
6. The Honorary General Secretory –Engr. Dr. AHM Kamruzzaman (KUET)
7. The Honorary Assistant General Secretory (Academic & International)–Engr. Atiqur Rahman Chopol (KUET)
8. The Honorary Assistant General Secretory(Member Services) – Engr. Shafiq Shuvo (RUET)
9. The Honorary Assistant General Secretory (Engineers Professional Services & Social Welfare) – Engr. Hasan Ziad (CUET)
10. The Honorary Assistant General Secretory(Administration and Finance)–Engr. Salim Ahmed (BUET)
11. Secretory for Cultural Affairs – Engr. Jesmeen Keya (CUET)
12. Secretory for Cultural Affairs – Engr. Sadia Afrin (RUET)
13. Secretory for Cultural Affairs – Engr. Abu Sayeed Md Asadullah (KUET)
14. Executive Member/Advisor – Engr. Siddiqur Rahman (RUET)
15. Executive Member/Advisor – Engr. Md Abu Raihan (RUET)
16. Executive Member/Advisor – Engr. Dr. Ataur Rahman (KUET)
17. Executive Member/Advisor – Engr. Dr. Rafiqul Islam (KUET)
18. Executive Member/Advisor – Engr. Rashid Ahmed Patwary (BUET)
19. Executive Member/Advisor – Engr. Tanvir Mazumder (BUET)
20. Executive Member/Advisor – Engr. Ashim Chowdhury (CUET)
21. Executive Member/Advisor – Engr. ANM Faisal Shishir (CUET)
22. Executive Member/Advisor – Engr. Mohammad Chowdhury(Jetu) (CUET)
23. Executive Member/Advisor – Engr. Md. Baharul Islam (Pinnu) (KUET)
24. Executive Member/Advisor – Engr. Engr. Arman Hossain (IUT)
25. Executive Member/Advisor – Engr. Mussarat Hossain (BUET)
26. Executive Member/Advisor – Engr. Dr. Jahangir Hossain (RUET)
27. Executive Member/Advisor – Engr. Dr. Saniya Sharmeen (BUET)
28. Executive Member/Advisor – Engr. Mohammad Elias (BUET)
29. Executive Member/Advisor – Engr. AZM Mohiuddin (RUET)

Objectives of IEB Australia Chapter:

1. Work closely with Engineers Australia (EA), Board of Accreditation for Engineering Technical Education (BAETE) Bangladesh and IEB for achieving Washington Accord Signatory of IEB accredited engineering degrees;
2. Engage Bangladeshi engineers on the awareness of Professional Registration with EA (e.g. CPEng, NER), States Registration (e.g. RPEQ) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD);
3. Arrange short training with the engagement of key EA registered professional Bangladeshi Engineers and EA personnel to achieve objective no. 2;
4. Share senior Bangladeshi Engineers industry experience (including challenges faces, achievements etc.) to the newly migrated/existing engineers for better career path;
5. Organise CV/selection criteria writing workshops for new migrants and graduate engineers with the help of senior Bangladeshi Engineers and professional recruiters;
6. Bring all Bangladeshi Engineers under a common umbrella to fill the gap between industry and personal development;
7. Arrange symposium/conferences with the participation of researchers, academicians and industry professionals; and
8. Assist Bangladesh with active participation on relief when major disaster/calamities happen.

Thanks and Regards

Engr. Dr. AHM Kamruzzaman                                                   Engr. Abdul Matin
General Secretary                                                                          President
IEB Australia Chapter. IEB Australia Chapter.                       IEB Australia Chapter. IEB Australia Chapter



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