Rajon: I lose one more time…

by Priyo Australia | July 14, 2015 3:32 am

A major challenge that children of migrants, at least of first generation, face growing up in a new country is confusion about their identity. Often, if not always, migrant parents tend to pass their own social and cultural identity to their children. As parents, we have been doing the same over a decade too. We have been telling only the glorious stories about Bangladesh to our children for all these years and now they to some extent feel proud of being Australians with Bangladesh origin. This morning the FB posts about the barbaric killing of Rajon is shaking me so terrible that I am forced to think whether I should be proud as a Bangladeshi any longer? Is it time to come out and confess and reveal to my children the ugly face of our society?

I have seen that one of my good friends has posted on FB that the killers of Rajon should face ‘cross fire’. I understand the emotion behind it………. but shouldn’t this rather be treated as a core social issue that need to be addressed holistically? Whatever offence a 13 years child commits, a civilized society would never even think of touching him or her physically. I can not be barbarously brave enough to watch the video of torture but what I gather from news, this heinous crime was committed at a public place, witnessed and even videoed by many others. Isn’t therefore a social approval for such brutal treatment of a mere child for an alleged theft? It is not enough to punish the killers and their accomplices which would nothing more than a Band-Aid solution to this permanent problem. This crime also reminds us how direly legal, moral and humane education is needed to have a civilized society in Bangladesh that never fails to respect and protect young children. The State as well as individuals should also come up to permanently address the issues starting from poverty that lead Rajon and millions of children of his age to prevent from being in such a vulnerable state of life. RIP Rajon……….

Tushar Das
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