Mandela: My Inspiration

by Arara Kar | December 13, 2013 11:13 am

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, the greatest man of the century, showed me a new perspective of life. His valiant and noble acts are a great inspiration not only to me but too many around the world. ¬¬

Mandela did not allow anything to stand in his way. He would not let anything block his dream of an equal South African society with neither white nor black dominance. Neither the physical harassment nor the mental torture could stop him from his goal.

Mandela underwent great struggle and suffered immense torment and yet, still managed to become a successful leader who was loved, not only by Africans, but by many. He is loved for his courageous steps towards riding apartheid and segregation in South Africa. He is loved for fighting against white and black African dominance. He is loved for setting a clear and clean path towards South Africa’s recovery and wellbeing. He was truly the ‘greatest son of Africa’.

Mandela has taught me a number of life lessons. One of the greatest life lessons Mandela taught me was to never give up in my dreams. He taught me to never be derailed from my ambitions, no matter what stood in my way. How did he teach me this? Through his optimism – Mandela desegregated South Africa even after spending 27 years of physical and mental agony in jail.

Alongside this, Mandela also taught me something extremely important in life: to take action. Although many would consider getting expelled or joining a student protest unwise, for Mandela, he was taking the necessary actions towards the unity of all South Africans, irrespective of skin colour. Instead of simply expressing his views and dreams on a peaceful South Africa, he took the actions, established the institutes and created strong networks with those who were amongst his goal. By doing so, Mandela achieved what he set out to accomplish. There’s a saying that action speaks louder than words. From Mandela, I have learned that saying something is great. To do it is even greater. To achieve what I set out to do is the greatest.

Finally, the greatest thing Mandela taught me was to always stay positive. How did he teach me this? Throughout his lifetime. There are a number of depressing and sad events Mandela underwent, but he kept thinking for a better future – he always stayed optimistic. He did not fall into his negativity but embraced his positivity. Finally, after many years of struggle, there was no longer any negativity for Mandela to linger upon. His positive mindset pushed aside all negativity till there was nothing else to push. Alongside this, he told me to not look at the negativity in someone as I don’t have time for such a thing. Instead, look at a person positively because, in turn, it will make me a more positive human being.

To wrap things up, not only was Mandela a hero, but he was also a father from whom we could all learn. Thanks to his lessons, I can see the world now from a new perspective. Thanks to him, I have improved my positive understanding towards others. Thank you Mandela.

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