Picnic in the woods – Abdul Quader

by Abdul Quader | November 15, 2009 5:04 pm

The Bangladesh Australia Association Canberra organised its annual picnic on 1 November 2009 at Uriara East Reserve, not far from the city of Canberra. Uriara is a very popular picnic spot as it is a nature reserve that provides recreational and environmental facilities for the public to enjoy.

The picnic was a large gathering of 85 families and was estimated to have been attended by around 300 people. Many new faces were seen in the picnic indicating that the number of people of Bangladesh origin in Canberra has increased over the years, and the Bangladesh community is growing here in the Australian Federal capital.

It was a nice sunny day, although a bit hot and humid. However, the trees in the reserve provided natural shades to the comfort of families including children. It was good to see many children playing balls and cricket in the woods.

Families brought their own sitting rugs and folding chairs for sitting. Men and women were gradually engaged in chit-chat (adda) talking about their own personal and family matters, social lives, current affairs and Bangladesh politics of course! In an ‘adda’ atmosphere we enjoy the diversity of topics in our informal conversation where people become light-hearted and express their emotions and feelings in a more open and friendly manner. I think this is one way of fostering social boding among people.

While parents, other young people and children were engaged in their own affairs, the picnic organisers were making arrangements to serve the lunch, the executive committee members and volunteers from the community were busy in organising food, drinks and other related works.

At one stage the President of the Association Moyazur Rahman (Maroof) formally welcomed the guests. The lunch was provided on time. It was an elaborate lunch comprising chicken and mutton Biriyani, Egg curry, Salad and Soft drinks. There was plenty of food and the attendees enjoyed the lunch as revealed from feedback on the spot.

The two types of Biriyani was a good choice in consideration of people having different preferences. All the food was well cooked and was ‘yummy”. I believe it was a gigantic task for many people who volunteered to cook Biriyani and egg curry for so many people, not to speak of those preparing Salad as well. Many people deserve our appreciation for this, including Nilufa, Galib and Shaon and of course other members and volunteers.

To make the day more enjoyable a variety of sports and other fun activities were organised for people of different age groups – adults and children. These included Dress as you like; 50 meter run; Marble run; Math run; Ball throwing; and Pillow passing

Another highlight of the event was raffle draw. Winners in sports and fun activities as well as the raffle draw received attractive prizes distributed by the president of the Association Moyazur Rahman, Vice-president Shafiq Ahmed and EC member Shireen Ahmed. The president thanked all the attendees, including those who provided help and cooperation in various tasks associated with the picnic.

The picnic was a fun day out for many families and other members of the Bangladesh community in Canberra. The Association worked hard to make it a success. The executive committee members and other community members put their whole-hearted efforts to cater to the social needs of the members, friends and patrons of the Association. All those involved in organising the picnic deserve special thanks for their great contribution. It was a long list so we cannot name them all here. Our hats off to them!

Abdul Quader writes from Canberra.

click here[1] [or https://priyoaustralia.com.au/photos/main.php?g2_itemId=8546[2]] for event photos.

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