An Attractive Educative Seminar on Cardiovascular Diseases by Dr. Moyazur Rahman

by Dr Dalia Nilufar | November 10, 2009 4:54 pm

On Friday 30 October, 2009, a very educative & informative seminar on different aspects of cardiovascular disease and their treatment with special emphasis on “acute coronary syndrome” was organized by the Canberra Hospital Interventional Cardiology Consultant Dr Moyazur Rahman (Maroof). The Bangladesh High Commission graciously offered its Community Hall at the High Commission premises at 43 Culgoa Circuit, O’Mally as the venue of the seminar. The seminar was primarily meant for the Bangladeshi Doctors working & living in and around Canberra. It was sponsored by an internationally reputed pharmaceutical company Sanofi Aventis whose representatives Mr. Taylor & Ms Carla assisted in the computer presentation of different diagrams and video presentations of arterial blocks in the heart and their actual stenting.

1) Invited Bangladeshi Doctors numbering about 40, members of their families totaling about 70 assembled at the Community Hall at around 7 PM. Before the actual presentation of the seminar at 7.30 PM, another Bangladeshi Doctor Shahryar Wahab working as a Registrar at the Canberra Hospital introduced Dr Moyazur Rahman as the presenter of the seminar. The whole program consisting of (a) serving of entre (b) presentation of the academic seminar (c) serving of dinner & (d) presentation of vocal songs & instrumental music by the doctors..

2. Dr Moyazur Rahman made a thorough and exhaustive presentation on acute coronary syndrome and the essence of time in diagnosing the syndrome to avoid loss of lives by immediate measures like stentings and other emergency treatment procedures. He also explained that cardiovascular disease is a broad term to describe a number of conditions that can affect the heart and blood vessels as:
Heart attack and angina (heart pain)
Cerebrovascular disease including a stroke
Blood clotting and other heart and blood vessel diseases

3. Most common cause of CVD is the gradual clogging of blood vessels by fatty and fibrous materials as they gradually build up on the blood vessel walls, narrowing the arteries. This eventually prevents vital oxygen from reaching the cells. As the deposits build up, the arteries become less elastic which condition is often referred to as the hardening of arteries. Any artery in the body can be affected. However, the arteries to the heart, brain or kidneys, or those to the eyes & legs are most commonly affected. CVD is the number one killer in Australia. Every 10 minutes, a death occurs as a result of CVD. Based on the 2004-2005 National Health Survey, 3.7 million Australians are estimated to have CVD which accounted for 46,134 deaths (35% of all deaths in Australia) in 2005. The CVD is significantly higher in females (55%) than in males (45%). CVD is also one of the leading causes of disability with over 1.4 million Australians estimated to have disability associated with cardiovascular conditions. It is the most expensive disease group in terms of direct health-care expenditure, at $5.9 billion.

4. The cost is rising and in 2009, it is estimated that around 80,000 Australians will suffer from Acute coronary syndrome (ACS), 10,000 will die and will cost 8 billion dollars.

5. The program of the evening started with an announcement about the service of entre. Once the entre was taken, the assembled attendees resumed their seats when Dr Moyazur Rahman commenced his power-point presentation explaining different aspects of acute coronary syndrome aided by visual images, diagrams and graphs on the screen. While his talk lasting more than three quarters of an hour was in progress, actual arterial images in hearts and their pre and post-stenting situations were explained. He emphasized the essence of time in treatment of coronary conditions and also the role and doses of some life saving drugs in ameliorating post-myocardial infarctions. He explained the symptoms and signs of the cardiac chest pain, other conditions mimicking the chest pain, necessary immediate investigations followed by emergency treatment that can save lives as well as complications. After recovery, one should continue the medications and follow up with check up and investigations regularly. One should be aware of the risk factors of cardiac diseases like family history, smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, fatty food intake, lack of exercise and relaxation etc. From time to time during his presentation, Dr Rahman asked questions to his audience of doctors on some intricate technical aspects of his presentation some of which were promptly answered. Later, on conclusion of his presentation, he invited questions from the audience and answered them.

6. Dinner followed the seminar, including dessert, tea and coffee.

7. The final & entertaining part of the program, a cultural show, commenced with presentation of a beautiful song from the Bengali film “Deep Jele Jai” by Dr Shampa Barua who was assisted in harmonium by her husband Dr Robin Gouda and in tabla by Shourav. Dr Mohammad Khan, a very talented vocal & instrumental Bangladeshi doctor and musician of Canberra, also played his electric guitar in harmony with Dr Shampa’s song. The next song, a Bhawaiya taught to her by the eminent musician brother Abdul Karim of the legendary singer Abbasuddin Ahmed, was presented by Dr Dalia Nilufar. While the songs were being rendered, ecstatic dances were being performed in unison by three little girls (Arya, Joyeta, Maheen) in inexhaustible spirit & energy all along the musical soiree adding undying color to the show. The next performer was Dr Shumi Saha who also rendered a beautiful Bangla film song to the audience. This was followed by rendering of a melodious song with the help of electric guitar by Dr Enamul Haque. One of the best singers in Canberra, Dr Robin Gouda, then rendered two heart-rending & captivating songs of the eminent Indian Maestro Singer, Manna Dey, and literally enthralled the audience with the tenor and the mood of his rendering. The last items of the cultural gala were the renderings of one of his idol Pop-singer Azam Khan’s songs and a few self-composed Bengali & English songs by Dr Mohammad Khan with his favorite guitar in attendance. Dr Moyazur Rahman, the only Bangladeshi Consultant Physician in Canberra currently, is keen for future such events for the wider Bangladeshi community if there is enough interest. The memorable evening on Friday, 30 October, 2009 ended around 11 PM.

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