A book in English – Dilruba Shahana

by Dilruba Shahana | April 21, 2009 6:03 pm

While in Bangladesh book lovers used to buy books in Bangla to bring with them abroad, it is a very common scenario among keen readers. Books are really heavy goods to carry by air as unaccompanied luggage. Still to some people instead of bring mouth watering food item or gorgeous handmade decoration piece books are preferred one to bring.

Anindita went to buy some books before leaving Bangladesh. In her book shopping spree she has to take into consideration many things , for example from weight to accommodation of books at their home. Sometimes she donated books to make room to place new books.

No way she can cross the limit of carrying weight and occupy larger spot at bookshelf in her home. With care she finished her book shopping spree. At the end something interesting she found. She found a book in English and jumped with joy. At her childhood she received the original Bangla version of the book as gift which she still loves to read on and off. She loves reading and sharing the books with others as well. Even sometime she told the stories she read to her younger brother. Her brother loves hearing the story of “Amar bondhu Rashed”. The book depicts the character Rashed, a teenager who participated in the war of liberation ( Mukti Jodhdho) with a dream to see people living prosperous, happy and dignified life in their own land without fear, at the end war succeeded with lots of sacrifices and sad events. Among many Mukti Jodhdha who were no longer around to see their country is liberated, sadly teenager Rashed was one of them. In narrator’s dream Rashed sometimes appears with a sad smile in his face, this expression of sadness is for majority of his fellow country men who are still in suffering and deprived from basic things such as shelter to live, education, treatment while sick etc. For ensuring them a happy and liberated life many like Rashed sacrificed their lives.

The book ‘Amar Bondhu Rashed’ was originally written in Bangla by Dr.Md. Zafar Iqubal, he is one of favourite authors of Anindita. Without second thought Anindita bought the English translation of the book named ‘My friend, Rashed’ to make a gift to her brother. She believes that it is even worth to read in English to connect with the land they left behind. No matter how much it weigh or how much space it is going to occupy, it will always find place in her brother’s heart.

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