A appeal from younger generation to protect Environment for future

by Priyo Australia | August 12, 2008 2:30 am

Dear Dad, Mum, Grand Parents

Good morning!!!!!!!!

I would like to take the opportunity to urge you and others who has gathered here also who is not at this meeting today to take necessary measure to save the planet from Environment disaster particularly our Origin Bangladesh where we born and millions of live under constant threat of Flood, Cyclone environment disaster. Most of the places in our country environmentally polluted and our relations cannot breathe fresh air or Drink water free from pollution or arsenic.

We are thank full to our parents who has organize this gathering to save our beautiful world and our mother land from Environment disaster and take necessary action to prevent further destruction of planet to insure safe living in the world.

On behalf of the younger generation we promise you we will do our best to support to keep Australia free from pollution and will do our best for better Bangladesh free from Hunger and Environment pollution along with you as much we could.

Subah kamal
On behalf of the Younger generation in Canberra

This short speech was delivered by school student Subah Kamal at Inaugural Session of BEN seminar held on 2 August in Canberra

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  1. here: http://www.priyopotrika.com/?cat=5

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